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Thursday, November 19, 2015


| Thursday, November 19, 2015


Artist Bio

      Thirteen in the form in mid-2006, Raynard and Bondry meet and want to make a project band that is different from existing ones, and this is the early formation Thirteen itself. Is Raynard (scream / growl), Bondry (guitar), Echa (guitar), Dicky (Bass), Adit (drums), and then we felt the need to nuance keys or synth then go Rudy (Keys / Synth). Originally named "Devil May Cry" but because that name is the name of a game, so we have to find another name. And at that time was our name changed to "Thirteen". At its beginning we often play / cover song from The Devil Wears Prada, Enter Shikari, Horse The Band, etc, therefore they indirectly influence our music to make the song even though each has influenced and personnel play a different character different and we do not restrict each personnel in expressing the idea of making songs. Over the months after the release of their debut album "It's All About Party, Music & Friendship" in 2008, Echa (guitar) out of "Thirteen". Since that time we decided to continue walking with the formation of 5 people, namely Raynard (scream / growl), Bondry (guitar), Dicky (bass), Rudy (keys / synth).
In mid-2009 Rudye (keys / synth) decided to exit from Thirteen due to her wish to continue college studies. And in 2011 Dicky decided to exit from Thirteen, some time later we found 2 other earth creatures, namely Jodi (Bass & clean VOC), and Eponk (keys / synth) With the formation of this now we will still give the music a different color, with still a few music elements such as Metalcore, Post Hardcore, Hardcore, Punk, etc. Or you cans Called it "Whatevercore"

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