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Saturday, November 21, 2015


| Saturday, November 21, 2015


      Veins is a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in August 2011 around the core line up of singer Al Haleem, guitarist Stephan (also as a guitarist in Straingate), bassist Christ, and drummer Padh (also as a drummer in Raincoat). Their music influenced by Have Heart, The Effort, Verse, Mindset, The Suicide File, Bad Religion, Tool, and many more. Their demo called The Epidemic of a Perfect Life released in 2012 included 2 songs that they have spread around the internet for free. They're going to release their first album called Alpha Omega Repetition on June 2014, which includes 7 songs, under Here To Stay Records (Jakarta). Veins' lyrics cover a variety of subjects from what had happened around us that we usually did not aware or lack of empathy to a much larger scale. Many topics include the straight edge lifestyle (e.g. the awareness about how drugs can ruin one's life), justice and respect, family and society, criticism to authority, and pressure.

General Info
Band Members
Al Halim Khasia Rahman - Lyricist/Vocalist, Sagi Hutagalung - Guitar, Muhamad Fadhil - Drums, Kristian Pangestu - Bass

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    Punk / Hardcore / Melodic

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    Jakarta, ID


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