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Monday, September 2, 2019

Chess Rush: 4 Tips And Tricks To Save Mana Crystals

| Monday, September 2, 2019

In this article will provide tips and tricks for you Chess Rush players to have a lot of Crystal Mana by saving it.

1. Focus Only On Buying Hero You Want To Synergize

In early game you can buy heroes that are easy to get so you can reach level 2. more quickly. If there isn’t, you can increase the level to load multiple heroes.

2. Avoid Re-Roll, Focus On Saving Mana Crystal

For early game there is no need to re-roll, just maximize the abilities of existing heroes and adjust them appropriately for hero purchases. Focus on saving 50 crystals where you can get more from the interest.

3. Use Witch Doctor To Get More Mana Crystal

Druids have the advantage of being able to rise to level 2 without having to have the same 3 heroes. Save 2 Druids, one of which is Witch Doctor, then upgrade to level 2 and sell. Then the player will get 3 mana crystals.

4. If The First Re-Roll Fails, We Recommend Increasing The Level

You are free to re-roll, but don’t get any crystals below 50. Keep the interest at 5 points for each match. If 2x Re-Roll but not getting the desired hero, it’s better to increase the level.


Those are 4 tips so you can save up which crystals and get more crystals than other players!

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