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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Chess Rush: Tips And Trick How To Counter Sorcerer Combo

| Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The strategy in Chess Rush, using the right Combo Hero, Combo Race, Combo Class is the key to victory. You can use combos from several Races and Classes to take advantage of the buff effect obtained from the combo results.

Combo Class is very strong at this time is Combo Sorcerer, this combo is usually the choice of many players. a group of heroes who use magic damage, it is very powerful what more when entering the lame game. Even though it is very powerful, Combo Sorcerer can actually be blocked with a number of strategy tips & tricks.

Following FajarYusuf.Com will provide tips & tricks how to counter Combo Sorcerer.

the sorcerer combo counter

First Counter: Use Hero Nightingale

Sorcerer is indeed a hero with very strong magic damage. However, because this hero uses magic attacks, which means he needs Mana to do the Ultimate attack. Which is actually the weak point of the Hero Sorcerer.

By using the Nightingale with the attributes of Elf Race and Class Punisher. This Hero is able to stop the Ultimate Sorcerer skill instantly because of a passive skill called Soul Blade which reduces the enemy Hero’s Mana.

Second Counter: Use Item Defense Magic Resistance

Chess Rush in its battle also presents drop items that can be obtained after defeating monsters randomly. If you are facing Sorcerer, item drop can also help you to strengthen your Hero.

If in the item drop you get a Cloak Resistance item, then use this item for some of the heroes in the front line. This item has a Magic Resistance effect. Then this item can also be added up to 4 times the effect becomes stronger.

Third Counter: Use Combo Rider

To withstand the attack of the Sorcerer combo, of course there is also a combo that can be the counter. Combos that are very suitable to hold the Hero Sorcerer is Combo Rider. Heroes with Class Rider have the chance effect of getting Armor and Magic Resistance. This effect will increase every multiples of two of the Hero Rider in the game arena.

To complete the Rider combo, you can combine it with Combo Punisher and Combo Demon where there is a Nightingale Hero that weakens each Hero Sorcerer even more. And for Demon Heroes, it is useful for opposing heroes other than Sorcerers.

Counter Four: Use Combo Oceanborn

Rider combos are best used when fighting against Sorcerer, but Rider is a favorite hero used by many players, so the chance to perfect Rider combos is getting more difficult. Especially if from the start, you rarely get Combo Hero heroes.

But of course, there are alternative combos that can also be a Counter Combo Sorcerer. Use heroes with the Oceanborn Race. This Oceanborn combo has the effect of increasing Magic Resistance to all your heroes even though it is not an Oceanborn race.

Then, if you use 4 Oceanborn Heroes, you will get a 1-minute immunity effect for one of the heroes at random. Not to mention Oceanborn is a hero that is rarely lyrics by the players, so the opportunity to make this combo is much easier.


That tips & tricks to counter the famous Combo Sorcerer. So you don’t need to give up if your opponent uses this combo. You just need to follow the tricks above to defeat the opposing players using the Sorcerer combo.

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