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Monday, September 2, 2019

Chess Rush Tips And Trick Strategies: Win Now Or Lose Later

| Monday, September 2, 2019

Tips and tricks this time will discuss “WIN NOW OR LOSE LATER“, yep, usually you will often be in the earlygame win streak 10x, but on the lategame the enemy actually makes a comeback and you lose.

Well, do you want to know how to not make an enemy comeback? Come on, let’s see the explanation below:

Chess Rush Tips and Trick Strategies

This strategy is called Win Now Or Loss Later which can be applied by win streak players in the early game.

What are the advantages of this strategy?
So here goes, in this strategy for you win streak winners don’t take too long and save a lot of crystals, but the crystals must be used to level up quickly.

Is this method a loss?
There is no loss, but is profitable.

How come?
So, every time you get a win streak in the early game you will get an interest crystal from the total win streak, you can maintain the win streak by leveling up, it will allow you to get a cost hero that has more value than other players.

For example: other players who are still lvl 6 in early game, and you are already lvl 7, which is where the percentage of heroes with higher grade/costs have begun to appear.

Use this strategy after every creep round to level up.

Want to win streak does not break and want to get a more useful hero? Try this strategy!

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