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Friday, September 6, 2019

Here Are 5 Tips & Tricks GG To Play Chess Rush

| Friday, September 6, 2019

Since its appearance in 2019, the auto-battler genre has managed to be a concern for mobile gamers. One game that presents the excitement of this genre is Chess Rush. It’s not hard for this game to enter esports with the feeling of competition for players.

In this article are 5 Tips & Trick GG so that you continue to win while playing Chess Rush. Let’s see the full explanation below!

gg chess rush trick tips

1. Don’t Rush

Before playing auto-battler games like Chess Crush, you need to know the functions of each Hero contained in the game, which matches the Race combos and Class combos.

The goal is of course so you can collect the same type of hero. You will get a combo race and class that can make the hero stronger.

In the early game you will usually be faced with monster jungle that are still easy to defeat.

Do not rush when you have lost the next round, don’t panic and make the wrong decision.

2. Use Mana Crystal Necessary

Every hero in Chess Rush has a rarity and has a price difference.The percentage of small hero appearances will be more.

If you have a hero that is not good enough, never refresh the hero in the shop line up. Because every time you refresh it will throw away the Crystal you have.

However, don’t hesitate to buy a hero whose price is cheaper if race and class combos are more effective.

Cheaper heroes, it’s usually easier for you to level up to be stronger. If you can also sell the hero you have developed.

3. Saving Crystal Mana

Don’t be discouraged if you experience lose streak. You will still get a Mana Crystal when you lose. Indeed, the amount is not much when you win the match.

If you manage to collect up to 50 Mana Crystals. In each subsequent round, you will get an additional +5 mana crystal.

From whichever Crystal you collected earlier, you will be better able to raise the level of hero you have.

4. Correct Formation Hero

The thing you need to pay attention to is the formation of the heroes. Indeed, in early games you do not need to pay attention to the position of the hero, because your opponent will be easier to defeat. however, after the third round, hero placement is very important.

Entering the next round, the hero will be able to jump backwards. Every round you have to pay attention to the layout of the hero you have.

5. Counter Combo, Race & Class Combo, and Hero Leveling

To set the position of the hero, pay attention to these three things you also want to win, namely counter combo, combo race & class, and leveling.

First the counter combo, you can see what heroes will be used by clicking on the name in the enemy list. This can help you determine the hero for the combo counter.

Besides counter combos, you also need to prepare the right race & class combos to win the match.

After you have a hero counter for your opponent, you also have to mix combos & class heroes, for example, if you use a hero warrior that is strong against physical damage but weak against magic damage.

Leveling really needs to make powerful mining heroes. Keep in mind, when you want to raise a hero level up, don’t be in a hurry. You also have to pay attention to which crystal mana you have.


That’s 5 Tips & Trick GG so that you can continue to win while playing Chess Rush, please apply it! Don’t forget to subscribe to get other Chess Rush Tips & Guides!

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