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Friday, September 6, 2019

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 Will Begin Soon!

| Friday, September 6, 2019

Tomorrow September 7, the grand final for the 2019 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will begin at the Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium.

For two days, 16 gaming creators will collaborate with 16 PUBG Mobile professional teams to compete in the tournament for a prize of 250,000 USD.

Initially, there were 32 content creator names that were nominated for PMSC 2019. However, after completing the voting session which took place in early July, 16 names were chosen to appear in Taipei.

The selection site is still open today, and you can still provide support for your favorite content creators until September 8. The highest votes will be honored on the last day of PMSC 2019.

Interestingly, PMSC 2019 also presents a reality show called Road to Stardom. This five-episode mini-series film tells the journey of each content creator while training with his team.

Starting from preparation behind the scenes, building cooperation, until the formation of strategies for the final round later. Tencent collaborated with Google Play for this video and released it via YouTube :

Following are the pairs of esports and content creator teams that will participate in PMSC 2019:

  • Xinxuan and Nova Monster Shield
  • Nikitanga and Nova Esports
  • ARXY and Team Unique
  • Alice and Team Secret
  • Garebooo and Team IND
  • Bulshark and Evos Esports
  • The Rawknee and Team Soul
  • Tsulin and SCARZ Black
  • Kronten and Elite Gaming
  • Rollexxx and Spacestation Gaming
  • DITA and Bigetron Esports
  • Mitchel and ARG
  • Dynamo and Sixty Nine Team
  • KISIL and GC Busan
  • Kenboo and RRQ Athena
  • K7 and Brazilian Killers
pubg mobile star challange 2019

PUBG Mobile will provide live streaming for this tournament on YouTube. Besides that, you can also get in-game prizes just by watching live streaming. But you must connect your PUBG Mobile account with a YouTube account.

4 matches will be contested every day, starting from map Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi , and finally Erangel. A total of 8 matches take place over two days and the team with the highest points will come out as champions.

The first winner will get 100,000 USD, while the runner-up is 50,000 USD, and 25,000 USD for the third position team. What do you think ?, Who is your champion team?

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