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Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to Make Dragon Raja Secret Recipe

| Thursday, June 18, 2020

Chef is one of the options that you can choose as a career in the game Dragon Raja. As a chef you can open recipes, gather ingredients, and cook food. But there are also secret recipes that you must find yourself through the Create tab in the Career menu.

Before you start cooking you must do the following steps:

Gather and Fishing

Gathering and Fishing will use career vitgor but the results will go to the Ingredient section, for Level up Requirements.


You can also shop for groceries by going to the Food tab in the Career section and pressing the appropriate Material Shop button, and buying them using gold.

Make sure you have all the ingredients needed in your inventory before making food. You cannot buy more ingredients when in the Create menu. When you cook you will check a mini-game before rating, so be sure to do it or you won’t get food.

The following is the basic layout of the kitchen and its functions:

  • Refrigerator for collecting food
  • Right next to the fridge to collect drinks
  • The chopping block left the stove to chop
  • Right side of the microwave oven to stir ingredients
  • Frying pan on the stove for frying
  • Microwave oven for baking
  • A pan on the stove in the middle of the kitchen to steam
  • Near the machine on the opposite side of the microwave oven to blend food
  • Taste the food at the end of the table with a plate.

Please click the image below to enlarge the recipe image: Dragon King recipe Dragon King recipe 2 Dragon King recipe 3 Dragon King recipe 4 Dragon King recipe drink


That’s the way to cook the secret recipe in Dragon King, hopefully it’s useful.

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