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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

3 Best LoL Wild Rift Champions To Play Solo Ranked

| Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Playing solo while playing ranked mode is something that sometimes stresses players because it is likely that our gameplay with other players will be different, and there will be disputes between team members. Moreover, we cannot communicate directly via voice-chat because LoL Wild Rift only provides this feature for parties, not teams. And do you already know the 3 best Champions to play solo in LoL Wild Rift ranked mode?

Difficulty working with 4 other players is something that often happens when playing solo in ranked mode. In MOBA games, teamwork is very necessary, but mastery of the champion mechanic, or micro gameplay of champion mastery is also important.

To win a match when playing solo in a ranked player, players need a champion who has the advantage in solo laning, both from the skills they have and the role of the champion.

Yep, here are the 3 best champions who are very good to use when playing solo in LoL Wild Rift ranked mode:

Champion Champions lol wild rift solo ranked


Jinx is a solo carry champion who has enormous damage and attack speed. Even though he has a basic marksman role that has a thin HealthPoint, Jinx is equipped with skill 3 called Flame Chomper.

This skill can make the enemy champion trapped by the throw of 3 chompers given by Jinx. Players can use these skills when pressed, such as when being chased by an enemy.

Jinx’s attack speed is also very effective. Because of the passive skill called Get Exited, Jinx’s attack speed can increase every time Jinx gets an assist or a kill.

Jinx attacks are also divided into 2 types, namely Rocket Launcher and Minigun. Rocket Launcher can make enemies less mana and have area attacks.

While the Minigun can make Jinx attack enemies repeatedly because the attack speed increases every time Jinx attacks with this type of attack.

The Ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket Skill also has an unlimited range. Similar to the ultimate Lux, players can attack enemies who have low HealthPoint even though they are far away.

To make Jinx have great damage and high defense, players need to buy items that can give Vampire or lifesteal effects.


Katarina the Sinister Blade is a champion who has a 1 vs 5 battle advantage if not hit by crowd control. Yup, this champion assassin is very agile because he has 3 skills called Shunpo.

This skill can make Katarina move around and give damage when Katarina moves. Katarina can also move to the location of the Dagger that was thrown.

Not only Shunpo’s skill, Katarina’s Ultimate Skill called Death Lotus was also very feared. This Ultimate Skill can attack the 3 closest champions at once by rotating and throwing the dagger.

The Ultimate Skill also applies a Grevous Wound effect to the affected enemy. Not only that, all the cooldowns of Katarina’s skills will be reduced by 15 seconds when they successfully kill an opponent.


Darius is currently a champion nicknamed the Pentakill engine. Darius has a skill-set that can be used to withstand attacks by 5 people at once.

Not only is laning strong, Darius is also a threat when the required stack has been collected. Darius Noxian Guillotine’s Ultimate Skill also has enormous damage and is able to kill opponents instantly because it generates true damage.

Not only that, the ultimate cooldown skill can be reset when Darius kills his opponent with this skill. In addition to the dreaded ultimate skill, skill 3 called Apreehend can also attract enemies in front of him and apply a slow effect to the enemy.


Yep, those are some of the champions that are suitable for you to use when playing solo in LoL Wild Rift ranked mode, even useful for 1 vs 5 when carrying a team.


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