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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Great Tips When Playing League of Legends Wild Rift ARAM Mode

| Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The All Random All Mid (ARAM) game mode in the MOBA game League of Legends: Wild Rift has succeeded in bringing interesting gameplay to players. Players will compete on a 1 lane map and only use champions who are randomly obtained.

In addition, the number of random champion picks in ARAM mode is also limited per day. Even though it has a faster rhythm than normal mode, fighting on 1 lane given ARAM mode makes the gameplay very different and fierce.

Yep, the following has some tips so that you can be great when playing ARAM mode LoL Wild Rift!

Aram lol Wild rift Fashion Tips

1.) Prioritize Choosing Champions Who Have Area of ​​Effect (AOE) Skills

Even though ARAM mode uses a random pick system, players can still exchange champions with other players. Champions who have AOE skills are very useful in ARAM mode. Because the skill area on 1 lane produces AOE skills that can hit all enemies.

2.) Pay attention to the team composition

One thing that is very important is the composition of the champions on the team. The team composition must match the role of each champion. For example, tanks should be used to open combat and ADC or Mage should be used to attack enemies from a distance.

Don’t use a champion tank that has small damage because the team’s damage output is also very important in ARAM mode. Don’t be too many ADC champions, because it makes it easier for enemy Assassin champions to kill your team.

3.) Understand the Gameplay Map

Knowing where the brush or spot heal is is very important in ARAM LoL Wild Rift mode. Mastering the ARAM map is quite easy because there is only 1 lane and there are several brushes or bushes that can be used as a hiding place while attacking enemies.

You can also push until the turret direction and if the minions run out, do defense while taking heals that have spawned at a certain point.


Yep, those are some tips that you can use when playing LoL Wild Rift in ARAM mode. ARAM mode is usually useful for learning how to do 5v5 direct combat and training team cohesiveness.


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