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Monday, May 24, 2021

Most Overpowered Combo Magic Chess 6 Nature Spirits & 3 Guardians

| Monday, May 24, 2021

The Nature Spirit Combo is the most underrated Magic Chess Combo! Currently Magic Chess is still one of the most played arcade modes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. Therefore, it is not surprising that this mode is an arcade mode that is always updated by Moonton so that it can be played at any time in the Mobile Legends game.

There are many magic chess combos, such as Mage, Cadia Riverland or Mech Era which are still being fought over by Magic Chess players. In addition, in the planning phase the heroes of these factions were also very limited, allowing players to get other factions that they didn’t want to play with.

However, players can outsmart it by using strong combos that are rarely used by other players so that you can easily increase these heroes to three stars.

Combo Hero 6 Nature Spirit & 3 Guardian

The Nature Spirit Combo is very strong in the early game or until the showdown phase which will allow players to benefit at the beginning of the game.

Nature Spirit does not have special skills like other combos in Magic Chess, but this combo can simultaneously receive damage given by the enemy so that the damage given by the enemy will not hurt one hero because the damage will also be reduced according to the amount. the Nature Spirit hero on the Chessboard.

In addition, the Nature Spirit + Guardian combo will strengthen players to be able to win early games easily because this combo will increase the defense of physical type heroes by 150.This is definitely one of the counters for the early game of the META Mech Era which is currently very strong. often used in Magic Chess.

Combo magic chess nature spirit guardian

Composition of Hero Nature Spirit & Guardian

Currently, there are only 6 Nature Spirit Heroes, including Miya, Belerick, Eudora and Roger, which players can easily get in the Early Game. Meanwhile, for Atlas and Kadita players can get it in the mid-game to late-game in the Magic Chess game phase.

Players certainly don’t need to wait until late-game to get one of the key heroes, Kadita or Atlas to complete the combo, because if players are lucky they can get the blessing of the combo.

In addition, the Guardian hero only needs two additional heroes, namely Grock and Akai, which players can easily get in the early-game Magic Chess.

With a combo of 6 Nature Spirit and 3 Guardian heroes, the player has the advantage of a 44% reduction in damage and an additional defense of a physical type hero of 150 which allows the player to be hard to kill.

Not only that, players will also easily destroy their opponent if the player wins the match because automatically the nature spirit hero will survive everything and inflict considerable damage to the enemy commander.

Source: Istimewa


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