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Friday, May 14, 2021

Step by Step How to Get Lara Croft Gold Skin Fortnite

| Friday, May 14, 2021

Lara Croft Gold skin is now available in the Fortnite battle-royale game and the skin is the gold version of Lara Croft’s skin which can be obtained by advancing to Chapter 2 in Battle Pass Season 6.

If the player wants to get this skin, then the player must complete the in-game task while using the Lara Croft skin.

Fortunately, getting the Gold skin in Fortnite is a very easy task to complete, even though it is necessary to have Battle Pass season 6.

The first step, players must ensure that they have obtained the Lara Croft skin by reaching stage 15 in the Battle Pass.

Next, go to the locker and make sure the player has used Lara Croft’s skin and go to the match.

To unlock the Gold Croft skin, players must visit Isla Nublada which is located off the southern coast of the Fortnite map and just south of the Flushed Factory.

Skin Gold lara croft how to get

It is recommended that players complete this task at the start of the match because only one player can pick up the items required for one match.

Chances are, players have to compete with other players to unlock this gold skin and waiting too long can cause players to lose the opportunity.

After the player arrived at the location of the island, head to the ground floor of the small ruins. In it players will find Orelia, NPC, and Assault Rifle Gold.

By taking the Assault Rifle, it will change the player’s skin to the Gold Lara Croft skin.

Players must remember that Orelia will immediately start attacking players and because Orelia has the Spire Guardian’s Primal Assault Rifle, the player will most likely be killed.

However, players only need to prepare a gun to unlock the skin, so that even though Orelia will kill the player, the Gold Lara Croft skin will still belong to the player.

If players have trouble unlocking this skin because other players get there first, it is advisable to wait until the Battle Bus starts the match by flying directly over the island.

These simple tips will allow players to fly directly to Isla Nublada and can easily go down the location to pick up the golden Assault Rifle.


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