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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tips for Winning PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Event Mode

| Saturday, May 15, 2021

The PUBG Mobile battle-royale game has just updated patch 1.4 by presenting various new features. One of the new features that are present in this patch 1.4 update is the Titan Strikes event in classic mode on PUBG Mobile.

The Titan Strikes event is a collaboration event from  PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs Kong. In the Titan Strikes event mode, the titans in the Godzilla vs Kong film appear on the map in PUBG Mobile.

Godzilla can be found on the Erangel map, Kong is in Sanhok, while Mechagodzilla can be found on the Livik map.

Even though this mode is only a collaboration mode, the Titans are not only “decorations” or “sculptures” in this mode. Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla will play an important role in every PUBG Mobile map.

With the presence of the Titans and a number of existing components, the gameplay will change slightly. And here are tips on how to win and get chiken dinner winners when playing the Titan Strikes PUBG Mobile event mode.

Titan Strikes PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

First tip: Keep your distance from Titan

The Titans who appear on the map have their own route that can benefit or harm the player. But as much as possible don’t get too close to the titans

Because if you get close to Titan the titans will attack you and return you to the lobby very quickly.

Second tip: Make the most of the Looting space as possible

Not only the presence of the Titans, the Titan Strikes event mode also presents a number of buildings on the map with a very large percentage of loot. You can take advantage of the presence of APEX Camp in this mode which has excellent loot in terms of weapons and equipment.

But if there is a good loot location, there are also many enemies approaching, then you have to be careful when looting. And also don’t stay in this place too long because when the titan appears, Titan will destroy the place.

Third tip: Take advantage of the Titans’ strength

When releasing his power, some of the strength of the titans could be utilized by the players. Titan will issue Titan Crystal items that can be picked up by players.

Titan Crystal has a function like a grenade and will be very useful when facing other players or monsters.

Fourth tip: Take advantage of Underground Monsters

Although the presence of underground monsters is only a complement to the Titan Strikes event, players can use underground monsters. When killing underground monsters, players can get a number of items that can be used during the match.

But to kill underground monsters, players need qualified items because it is not impossible that players will be killed by these underground monsters.


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