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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Exchange FF Token Free Fire For Bundle Girl Next Door for Free!

| Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Don’t miss Redeem FF Token Free Fire, because you can get a free Bundle Girl Next Door! Yep, there is good news for Free Fire battle-royale game players who have a large collection of Free Fire Tokens, because this time there is a new Bundle Skin that players can exchange in the store!

The free bundle is called Girl Next Door, which is a female character bundle with a very fashionable appearance. For players who are interested in the bundle, this time we will discuss how to get the bundle for free!

To get Girl Next Door in full, players must exchange it using Free Fire Tokens. The FF Tokens that players have can be exchanged for each part of the Bundle which has 5 different parts.

ff token bundle girl next door free fire

To access the FF Token page the player must go to the Store -> Redeem -> FF Token menu. In total, players will have to have 250 FF tokens to be able to exchange the entire set from Bundle Girl Next Door. Here is the number of FF Tokens required for each part:

  • Girl Next Door Top : 50 FF Token
  • Girl Next Door Bot : 50 FF Token
  • Girl Next Door Hat : 50 FF Token
  • Girl Next Door Mask : 50 FF Token
  • Girl Next Door Shoes: 50 FF Token


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