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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

KartRider Rush SEA Tournament 2021: XTREME Will Begin, Let's Register

| Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The racing game developed by Nexon, KartRider Rush today announced an eSports tournament that will be held for the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. The KartRider Rush eSports tournament, which is being held for the third time, is titled Race Master SEA Tournament 2021: XTREME.

SEA Tournament Master Competition 2021: XTREME KartRider Rush will use the Item Solo Mode game mode. This tournament opens up opportunities for 512 players from 5 countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

All players will compete for a total prize pool of over US$2,300. Registration is currently open and runs until June 2nd.

The competition will be held from 9 June to Friday 25 June and the minimum requirements for players who may participate are players who have an L3 SIM or higher.

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021: XTREME will feature cash prizes as well as exclusive in-game items that can only be obtained in this tournament program.

cartridge rush sea tournament 2021 extreme

For the top four winners in this competition, are entitled to:

  • 1st Place: US$500 and exclusive in-game items (Emblem, Title, and Balloon).
  • 2nd Place: US$367 million and exclusive in-game items (Balloons).
  • 3rd Place: US$267 million and exclusive in-game items (Balloons).
  • 4th Place: US$200 million and exclusive in-game items (Balloons).

For players who are interested in registering to participate in this eSports competition, you can do so at the registration link, CLICK HERE .

Race Master SEA Tournament 2021 is an eSports competition program that holds many matches with different modes. The total competition presents a total prize of IDR 270 million which is divided into six different competition programs or competition modes.

The 2021 SEA Tournament Race Master is divided into 6 programs, namely:

  • SMASH ATTACK – Item Team Mode (Ended)
  • RUSH CIRCUIT – Speed ​​Team Mode (Ended)
  • XTREME – Item Solo Mode (Ongoing)
  • BLAZING TRACK – Speed ​​Solo Mode
  • SMASH ATTACK 2 – Item Team Mode
  • RUSH CIRCUIT 2 – Speed ​​Team Mode

KartRider Rush+ is a mobile racing game developed by Nexon which was released on May 12, 2020. The game has successfully become a racing game that offers different and interesting gameplay for players.


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