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Monday, July 26, 2021

How to Solve Byakko Plains Shrine Puzzle In Genshin Impact

| Monday, July 26, 2021

Inazuma is finally open for travelers, a new update to the action-rpg game Genshin Impact gives players new quests, new stories, new characters, and of course new puzzles! Yep because of that, one of the first big puzzles Genshin Impact that players will face outside of Ritou, is the Byakko Plains Shrine puzzle.

This puzzle is part of the A Strange Story in Konda quest in Inazuma which is included in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual chain quest. To start this quest, look for the shrine priest in front of the fox statue, just outside Konda village. Talk to him and follow his instructions to start this chain quest.

The first part of the quest players have to talk to the villagers, complete some quests, and some exploration. Follow the quest objective and the player will be given the key to the well which is locked behind the village head’s house. When the player is in the well, that’s where the Byakko Plains shrine puzzle begins.

How to Solve the Byakko Plains Shrine Puzzle

Once deep in the well, players will see a large shrine with a purple pattern in the center. Pray to the light in front of him by interacting. This will start the shrine puzzle. The player’s goal is to use the lights to recreate the pattern of the constellations in the center of the shrine.

shrine puzzle byakko genshin impact

First Light

The lamp with one purple petal is the first light (which the player has interacted with to start the puzzle). Players cannot change this lamp, so go to the second lamp.

Second Light

At the first lamp, go to the left of the shrine and players will see the second lamp. Make sure four petals are set.

Third Light

To the right of the second lamp, is the third lamp hiding behind a tree. Set up to five flower petals.

Fourth and Fifth Lamp

The last two lights are very easy. To the right of the third light, players will find the last two lights. Set the fourth lamp to three petals and the fifth lamp to two petals, which is the default setting.

After making sure everything is set up correctly, return to the first lamp and interact with it again. Get ready for battle, the samurai will emerge from the shrine and will fight. After that, the shrine priest, Kazari, will talk to and ask the player to purify more shrines.


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