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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Best Build Items Natan Mobile Legends for META right now 2021

| Monday, July 26, 2021

In this article, will provide the best Natan Mobile Legends build items with gameplay or how to use them. This build item recommendation has been widely used by players to play as a hyper midline or sideline on the gold lane.

The latest Mobile Legends hero, Natan, has been officially released into the mobile MOBA game on July 23, 2021, of course, Mobile Legends Bang Bang season 21 players can already use Natan on the original Mobile Legends Bang Bang server to play in classic or ranked mode.

As players already know that the release of Natan has been eagerly awaited by Mobile Legends game players. Nathan is a mage hero with ranged attacks or marksman, the first hero to have physical attacks with magic attacks in Mobile Legends.

Before you know Natan’s build item, you must first know the use of Natan’s skill set.

Natan’s Skill Set

build item emblem spell natan mobile legends

Skill 1: Superposition

Using the superposition skill will increase Nathan’s status performance

Skill 2: Interference

The second skill must be considered when using it, because its function is very important to avoid the enemy’s siege

Ultimate Skill: Entropy

Nathan spawns Reverse, a black ball like a suction hole. This ultimate skill is very useful for increasing the damage caused by Nathan’s damage.

Build Items Nathan

build item emblem spell natan mobile legends

Magic Shoes

Purchase of Magic Shoes shoes must be done so that Nathan’s mobility is better and reduces the cooldown.

Ice Queen Wand

Natan uses Ice Queen Wand to get lifestyle magic.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is very useful for Natan because Natan’s additional physical damage stat will increase drastically.

Feather of Heaven

Attack speed is an important aspect when using Marksman heroes, Feather of Heaven is the right solution for Nathan to add attack speed.

Concentrated Energy

The concentrated energy item is one of the core items for Nathan. The main function that must be focused is lifestyle magic on the Concentrated effect.


Immortality is very useful in the late game so that when Nathan dies, he can rise again.

Yep, that’s the best Natan build item, of course the 6 recommended items above you can try to use in the Mobile Legend game.

Natan’s Emblem

For Emblems, Nathan is very suitable to use the Mage emblem. Must be adjusted to the build item that will be used.

Natan’s Battle Spell

Natan’s most useful Battle-Spell in the current meta is retribution or flicker, flicker is useful for Natan to be agile and not easily caught by enemies, while retribution is useful if Natan plays as hyper.

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