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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

These are Tips and Tricks How to Counter Eudora in Mobile Legends

| Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Eudora in the MOBA Mobile Legends game is currently a meta hero and a banned hero in ranked mode. Because Eudora Mobile Legends produces a very large Damage Burst which is one of the main reasons, and many players are trying to find a counter.

Not only that, Eudora also has a combo skill that can kill enemies instantly. Not infrequently this is feared by players with jungler, marksman, and mage roles.

Even so, that doesn’t mean Eudora doesn’t have weaknesses. In this article, will provide a way to counter and defeat Eudora in Mobile Legends.

Players can take advantage of Eudora’s weakness in the early game. Eudora is likely to take skill 1 but skill 1 has a cooldown of 7 seconds, Eudora has to wait another 7 seconds until skill 1 is ready, so you to beat Eudora must take advantage of the cooldown of skill 1.

counter eudora mobile legends

This strategy can be done by players who are afraid to duel directly with Eudora. Not only skill 1, skill 2 Eudora also has a long cooldown, which is 11 seconds.

The weakness of this old cooldown can be used by players to counter Eudora. So you have plenty of time, 11 seconds to beat Eudora or you can do a clear wave.

Eudora is a hero who relies heavily on skill 1 and skill 2. If both skills are cooldown, then a very large gap is open for the opponent to counter the hero.

Eudora Mobile Legends is often referred to as a combo burst hero. That way, to fight Eudora Mobile Legends players need a hero counter who has the ability to open maps and high defense.

Tank heroes are very effective at defeating Eudora, such as Atlas and Khufra, to cores that can open maps such as Popol and Yi Sun-Shin.

If Eudora’s position is known by the enemy, this hero will not be able to do a combo. That’s how to counter Eudora Mobile Legends that you can try.


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