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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

This is Tier List NieR Re[in]carnation, 2B & Frenlyse Overpower

| Wednesday, July 28, 2021

This is the tier list of RPG-turnbased game NieR Re[in]carnation, and it should be noted that this tier list is based on the default weapon that comes with the character. If you reroll, you should focus on getting A2 and other high tier characters.

CharacterWeapon ElementScore
2P Light Sword tuberculosis
2B Dark Sword 9.5
frenlyse Wind Sword 9.5
Dimis Dark Gun 9
9S Light Sword 8
Rion Dark Staff 8
meter Light Spear 8
Fio Light Fist 7.5
063y Greatsword 7.5
Akeha Water Greatsword 7
F66 Staff 7
A2 Fire Greatsword 10
Tier List NieR Re[in]carnation

Tier List NieR Re[in]carnation

tier list neir reincarnation


The most difficult character to beat. A2 is capable of dealing a large amount of damage to the opponent. Together with A2’s weapons, A2 can perform multiple attacks by increasing the combo meter. However, A2 is a glass cannon because A2’s defense and HP are very low. Players must quickly level up weapons to increase defense in battle. It is highly recommended to make it a starter.


The most popular character in the game. 2B is a very good damage dealer that can issue huge combo points for the team. 2B is easy to build because there are many swords currently in the game. 2B may be weaker in terms of damage compared to A2 or Frenlyse but 2B can shine when its HP drops below 50%. This character’s skill will increase his attack by 26% when HP is below 50%.


9S is one of the characters with the highest HP and Defense values ​​in the game. While 9S can’t do a lot of damage, its attacks are mostly a few hits that can greatly increase the combo meter. No, the 9S weapon has a 10% chance to stun one enemy. This is a bonus for PVP.


Global Exclusive Character, stats need to be confirmed.


The best damage dealer in the game. In fact, with his high agility, Frenlyse can quickly deal a lot of damage to the enemy. This is especially useful in PVP because speed is paramount. Not only that, Frenlyse can increase party-damage and also reduce enemy defense. Frenlyse is definitely a good character for the team especially in Boss fights.


This is a *4 character at the start of the game. As a unit, the Rion is pretty average good. However, its exclusive weapon (Black Thirst) is an important thing that makes it valuable. Skill one on the weapon has a 75% chance of blinding one target. This is very useful in boss fights and PVP. Furthermore, the second skill can increase the damage power of all allies.


Dimis is great in Boss and PVP battles. This character’s skill-set allows Dimis to blind one target with a 75% chance. As a Gunner, Dimis can usually move first in PVP and deal massive damage before it’s the opponent’s turn.


Akeha is good for boss fights with high HP and defense stats. Akeha can reduce the enemy’s Attack Power and perform self-healing. However, apart from boss fights, Akeha isn’t quite useful.


Argo is one of the average good characters. Some Japanese wiki sites rank it fairly high while others place it at the bottom of the list. As a spear user, Argo can help build a combo meter for the team. Because Argo’s 2 weapon skill can increase the Agility of all allies.


Fio is a mixed character of 9s and Argo. Fio has high defensive stats and the ability to increase the team’s Agility.


F66 comes along with the second event of this mobile game. Basically this is a Support character. If the player has just started the game and is in the rerolling stage, it is not recommended to withdraw it as a starter unit.


063y is a new character in this event game. Unlike 2B, 063y doesn’t have a lot of burst damage. However, its strength lies in its Poison ability which is useful against enemies with high HP.


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