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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Download & Install Galaxy Macro Free Fire APK That Can Be Anti-Banned?

| Thursday, August 12, 2021

Is Downloading Galaxy Macro Free Fire APK an anti-banned and easy way to cheat? Yep, currently there are various ways for players to become winners in the battle-royale Free Fire game.

The way to get booyah in this game is that there are players who practice every day, and there are also those who learn how to play pro players. However, it turns out that there are some players who have tried cheating ways to win easily by using third-party applications.

Yep, one of the third-party applications that players often use is the Galaxy Macro Free Fire APK mod , which is an application that helps players when shooting. What are the uses of this Galaxy Macro Free Fire apk? In this article, Fajaryusufdotcom will discuss the cheat!

Uses Download & Install Galaxy Macro Free Fire APK

In general, the Galaxy Macro Free Fire application can be used by players to help them get Booyah easily. This convenience is because this application mod can give players a shot cheat in the form of an auto headshot when shooting. When the player uses the application, all shots will hit the enemy’s head.

Download & Install Galaxy Macro Free Fire Can Anti-Banned?

download galaxy macro ff apk free fire anti banned

This third-party application mod claims to be anti-banned, which means that players will not get banned if they use this Galaxy Macro application mod. However, in reality the anti-banned claim is not true! Because Free Fire’s anti-cheat system and features have now become more powerful, third-party applications like this can be detected and banned easily.

Not only that, Garena Free Fire has also officially confirmed that they prohibit players from using mods or third-party applications, especially cheat applications. Therefore, if a player is detected using a cheat, the player’s account will be permanently banned and the account will be deleted along with the items in it.

If players are curious and want to try using this Free Fire third-party application cheat, you can download it at the link below, but remember that Fajaryusufdotcom will not be responsible if your account is permanently banned!

Download: Dulurtekno


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