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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Free Fire Mod APK Can You Get Unlimited Diamonds And Easy Booyah?

| Sunday, August 15, 2021

The currency in the battle-royale game Free Fire is Diamonds. Players can topup diamonds in-game or on topup service provider sites. Diamond topup in the Free Fire game requires players to spend real money.

Players can use diamonds to buy various in-game items and accessories. And now information appears that there is a free fire website and mod apk for free diamonds, but players must remember that there is no proven safe and anti-banned way to get diamonds using the Diamond Generator website or Mod APK on the Internet.

Free Fire Diamond Unlimited Free Mod APK

Currently there are many diamond generators and diamond hack APKs that players can find on the internet. They promise players to give players diamonds for free.

Free Fire players should be aware that these APK and website generators are illegal and could have consequences for losing their account, being hacked, and permanently banned. These fake Apps and programs ask for player login credentials, which can result in account loss.

All Features of the Free Fire Apk Mod


For knowledge, and reporting as a cheater if you meet a player who is indicated to use the Free Fire Apk Mod, you can see the following mod apk features:

Features Unlimited Diamonds

Yep, by using the mod apk, players will have unlimited diamond features. With this feature, players can buy various items needed in the game with diamonds that will never run out.

Auto Headshot

The auto headshot feature in the Free Fire mod is a very useful feature to be able to win or lose in the free fire game, because with the help of auto headshot players will be able to shoot headshots easily.

Features Unlock All Characters

The unlock all characters feature can unlock all the characters in this battle-royale game. This is a feature that will greatly benefit players. Because as players already know that the characters in the Free Fire game have their respective advantages and disadvantages and are in accordance with the skill-set they have. With this feature the player can adjust the character to the player’s playing style.

Break through the Wall

The wall-penetrating feature allows players to easily avoid enemy fire. Of course, with this mod, this feature will really help players to get booyah, because players will be able to shoot enemies without being noticed.

Immune Features

With this immune feature, the player will be immune to any weapon fire. So this feature can be used by players to attack or survive until they get booyah.

Using the Medkit While Running

In the Free Fire game, players can only use medkits when they are idle. But on the free fire mod apk, using Medkit while running can be done. This feature is very useful when players are shooting each other with enemies, so there is no time to use the Medkit in silence.

Features Unlock All Skins

The very interesting thing about this Free Fire battle-royale game is that there are various choices of skins or bundles. To be able to get all the skins, the first thing players need is diamonds. So not all players can have all premium skins. With the free fire mod apk, players can unlock and use all skins for free.

Teleport Features

By using this Teleport feature, players can easily move from one place to another.

Antenna View Features

The use of this Antenna View feature can find out the position of the enemy player. Because their head or hands have antennae that rise up, so their hiding position will be easy to know.

Yep, those are the features that players can find in the Free Fire mod application. By looking at these features, this is the easiest way to get a win or Booyah. And also most importantly free Diamonds, which is the desire of every Free Fire player.

Consequences of Using the Free Fire Mod Apk

Garena is currently very serious about dealing with cheaters and the use of illegal applications or mods. If the player is proven to be using it, the Free Fire anti-piracy team will not hesitate to delete the account or get banned permanently.

Garena Free Fire’s anti-piracy FAQ policy on the official website states the following:

“Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. We will permanently block the accounts of those used to cheat. Devices used for cheating will also be prohibited from replaying Free Fire using any other account.”

Conclusion of Using the Free Fire APK Mod

The legal way for players to be able to get diamonds for free is at in-game game events held by Free Fire at certain times. And also players have to practice more to be able to get a win or booyah without the help of mod apk.

If you are curious to try the free fire mod apk, here is the download link. But remember the consequences of your account will be deleted or permanently banned!.

Click download


free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds and coins

Source: Garena Free Fire


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