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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Guide to the Location of 5 Alien Artifacts Week 9 on the Fortnite Map

| Thursday, August 12, 2021

Now the battle-royale game Fortnite developed by EpicGames has entered another new week, which means players can still collect alien artifacts in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. Players will be able to retrieve them all with the guide in the article below.

What Are Fortnite Alien Artifacts?

The Fortnite alien artifact is a floating tube that allows players to customize the new Kymera Battle Pass skin . Players will be able to unlock various features of facial skin, skin color, and others. Players can collect up to 5 artifacts that appear in different places on the map each week.

Players must remember that only one player can retrieve each artifact per match. Therefore, each location is usually very crowded and contested. But players don’t need to collect them all. Because, alien artifacts will not disappear until the week ends.

Here’s the Fortnite Week 9 Alien Artifact Locations

location location artifact artifact fortnite week 9

Week 9 brings five more artifacts to the Fortnite map. These items are getting harder and harder to find as you go around. One artifact is hidden behind a boulder under the hut while another is perched on top of the IO base satellite. But don’t worry, players only have to touch the artifact to get it. Make sure players get to each location before other players appear.

  • Alien Artifact 1: located north of Lazy Lake and east of Aftermath
    Alien Artifact 2: located in a hut in Weeping Woods
    Alien Artifact 3: located northwest of Craggy Cliffs on an island
    Alien Artifact 4: located west of Holly Hedges on a small island
    Alien Artifact 5: located just east of Weeping Woods and west of Lazy Lake

Alien Artifact Location 1

The first artifact is north of Lazy Lake in a gas station east of Aftermath. If the player is following the path to the north of the lake, turn left at a dead end and the player will head to the station.

Alien Artifact Location 2

The second artifact is in the hut near the spiral staircase on the west side of Weeping Woods. Mark the ladder on the map before jumping off the Battle Bus. Land there and then search the bottom of the hut. Artifacts will be inside.

Alien Artifact Location 3

The third artifact can be found on an island northwest of Craggy Cliffs. This artifact is located under a raised hut with the entrance to be blocked by large stones. Break the stone to get the artifact.

Alien Artifact Location 4

The fourth artifact is located on a small island west of Holly Hedges. This artifact is in the yellow hut in front of the TV.

Alien Artifact Location 5

The last artifact was quite difficult to reach. Located at IO Base east of Weeping Woods and west of Lazy Lake, can be found on satellite with a red light. Players must build or land there after exiting the Battle Bus.

Yep, that’s the location of Fortnite Week 9 alien artifacts. Don’t let you get none!

Source: epicgames


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