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Monday, August 16, 2021

Recommended Best Build Items, Runes, and Spells for Tresh LoL Wild Rift

| Monday, August 16, 2021

Finally the mobile MOBA game LoL Wild Rift released a new Champion, Thresh has now been released by Riot Games into the Wild Rift game. These new champions are Support and Tank champions.

Even though it has just been released, this champion has become a bone of contention for players, many want to use Thresh because the skill-set he has is very helpful during team wars.

And even though it’s a Tank champion who doesn’t have a lot of damage, Thresh can make it difficult for enemies with his combo-skills, which can interfere with enemy movements.

Skill Thresh Wild Rift

Thresh’s Passive Skill, Damnation, can collect Souls from nearby dead enemies, each Soul will provide an additional 1.5 Armor and Power permanently. With this passive skill, Thresh is a very strong tank during late-game.

Skill 1 Thresh, Death Sentence, can stun the enemy as well as attack the enemy affected by this skill. Thresh’s 3rd skill, Flay, can also control enemy movements by tying the chain weapon.

With the skill-set you have, Thresh can pull or push the enemy and can reduce the enemy’s movement speed, so it’s very useful when a team war occurs. Thresh’s Ultimate Skill, The Box, is also very useful, this skill can create a spectral walled prison.

All enemies in the prison will be slowed by 99% for 2 seconds. This Ultimate Skill also deals great damage to the enemy.



Build Item Thresh Wild Rift

To maximize Thresh’s skill-set, Fajaryusufdotcom will recommend the best build item for Thresh Wild Rift.

Build Items

  • Swift Shadow (Boots)
  • Dead Man’s Plate
  • Frozen Heart
  • Force of Nature
  • Thornmail
  • Randuin’s Omen

With the build item above, it has the effect of adding Max Health, Armor, Max Mana, Haste Ability, Magic Resistance, Move Speed, and Critical Strike on Thresh.

Build Rune Thresh

  • Aftershock
  • Weakness
  • Hunter: Titan
  • Hunter Pack

This build runes will add Damage, Defense, HP, and Move Speed ​​to Thresh.

Spells Thresh

  • Flicker
  • Ignite

Yep, that’s the recommendation for the best build items, runes, and spells for Thresh, this build can be used to play Thresh as Support or Baron Laner.

Source: WildRift


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