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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Redeem Code for Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) August 1st 2021

| Sunday, August 1, 2021

Now there is the latest information about the redeem code for the mobile  MMORPG game Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) today, August 1st 2021 that players can see in this article. Don’t let it pass because this commemorates the Pet system update  that will soon be released on Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX).

Yep, will soon release a pet system that is present to the SEA server in the near future as published on the official Facebook page of Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX). In this article, will share the ROX Redeem Code which has been officially published by the ROX official Facebook account. 

The following is a list of Redeem Codes for Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) on August 1st 2021. This Redeem Code is shared by official developers on their official social media at certain moments. But keep in mind this Redeem Code has a limited time:

  • ROXOBT618
Redeem code ragnarok x generation rox august 1 2021

If you can’t claim the redeem code list above, then most likely the time period for the redeem code has expired or has been limited because it is used by other players. 

Here is how to claim the ROX Redeem Code:

  • Open and Login the game Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX)
  • Click the arrow on the right
  • Click Settings
  • Choose Redeem
  • Enter the redeem code that is already on the list
  • Then Claim and get the prize

For the record, there are several reasons the redeem code failed to claim. If you experience failure when claiming the Redeem Code, here are some possibilities:

  • Redeem code typo
  • Redeem code has expired
  • Redeem code has quota limit
  • Redeem code is pre-claimed.

Source: Facebook ROX Official


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