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Thursday, August 12, 2021

These are 4 useful heroes for Counter Balmond Mobile Legends

| Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Hero Fighter, Balmond, is currently a META hero in this MOBA Mobile Legends season 21 game and is often contested by players. Balmond is back to being a META hero after an update given by Moonton some time ago which increased Balmond’s ability as a fighter-tanker.

Cooldown reduction buffs on skill 2 and ultimate skills make Balmond overpowered and often picked by offlaner players on the Epic to Mythical Glory tier. Although currently Balmond is an overpowered meta hero, you don’t need to be afraid to fight him. Moonton tries not to create games on IMBA patch updates and there is always a hero counter available for meta heroes.

Yep, in this article, recommends the 4 best counter heroes to beat Balmond in Mobile Legends.

4 Hero Counter Balmond

4 heroes counter balmond mobile legends_(1)


If you want to beat Balmond easily you have to use Dyrroth, this hero is very strong in the early-game to defeat all Fighter heroes. Don’t be afraid to attack each other early in the game, and use execute to ensure victory against Balmond. But you have to remember, Dyrroth is very risky when entering the late-game and you have to be smart in maintaining position.


Uranus is the tank hero most feared by Balmond players because of his stack and passive regen skills. When Uranus is hit by skill 2 Blamond, Uranus will get a stack and passive skills will be active and will give HealthPoint regen. The greater the number of skill stacks will give Uranus a HealthPoint regen that is bigger and harder to beat.


In general, Balmond’s counter heroes are ranged attack types. Because Balmond often fills the gold lane position, players must be able to use Chang’e as a counter to poke. Chang’e is the best hero to defeat Balmond because of his very young use and high magic damage burst skills.


If you really like playing as a fighter and want to beat Balmond, you can choose Leomord. Leomord is a fighter hero who has excellent crowd control skills and can play aggressively. During the laning phase, Leomord can overwhelm Balmond because he has a very large basic attack and the same strong endurance as Balmond. Combo-Skill 1,2, and ultimate are very powerful to beat Balmond.

Yep, that’s the best hero, which is 4 Mobile Legends heroes to counter and beat Balmond.

Source: mobilelegends


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