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Monday, August 2, 2021

These are the Champions You Should Be Banned In LoL Wild Rift

| Monday, August 2, 2021

The MOBA mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift developed by
Riot Games has now updated patch 2.4. In the
LoL Wild Rift 2.4 patch update, players are presented with a variety of new content and features,
one of which is ban-pick or banned picks in LoL Wild Rift matches.

Ban-pick or Banned pick is the phase where players get banned as many as 3 champions per
team (total 6 champions) before picking champions in LoL Wild Rift. By
presenting this new feature, Riot Games hopes that more
synergies or meta gameplay will be born in the game.

And for this article, recommends 5 champions that
you should ban, so the enemy can’t use them because they
have overpowered skills in the current patch.


For you Mid Laner players, Katarina is a very
troublesome enemy if it is successfully used by the enemy. Because, this champion
has a skill-set with a large damage area.

Katarina can kill teams very easily when using
the ultimate skill called Death Lotus. The ultimate skill
has a very large dagame can also attack 3 enemies at once.

Banned ban pick champions lol wild rift


In the previous patch, Fizz was not overpowered and was rarely picked
on the Emerald or Diamond tier. But now, this champion is a
bone of contention because it has a very deadly skill-set, by
killing enemies in one combo.

Fizz is also the best jungler champion at the moment and can
destroy the enemy team’s defenses. Fizz’s ultimate skill, Chum The Water,
can easily kill marksman and midlaner in the early game.


This champion has been released during the Sentinels of Light Event, Lucian
is a Dragon Laner champion and fills the ADC role. Although champions
with the basic role of Marksman or ADC usually have weak defenses .

Lucian’s skill-set makes it difficult for enemies to hit
poke continuously. Lucian’s ultimate skill, The Culling, can
shoot consecutively in one direction for 3 seconds.


This Champion with the Support/Tank role has its own uniqueness
among other Tanks. Braum’s 3rd skill, Unbreakable, can provide a
shield or shield to a team that can withstand attacks from enemies.

Ultimate skill, Glacial Fissure, can also be a Crowd Control skill
which is very useful to give KnockUp Effect for one second.
Braum is a Support/Tank champion who can maintain a
good line of defense in the current patch.


Irelia is a Fighter champion who is often used to fill
Baron Lane. On mobility, this champion is also very agile,
so Irelia often quickly enters the Mid Lane area to do

Although difficult to use, this champion can also be a
very difficult champion when used by the enemy. The stun effect
generated by Irelia’s skill-set also makes her a very
useful champion for the team.

Yep, those are the 5 champions that you should ban because they have skill-sets
that make it difficult to become enemies.

Source: wildrift


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