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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

This is the Best Hayabusa Item Build Season 21 in 2021

| Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The best Hayabusa Item Build season 21 in 2021 in the MOBA Mobile
 game, easy to use! Yep Hayabusa is currently a hero assassin
who is a Mobile Legends hero who is currently meta, Hayabusa can
fill jungler, midlaner, or sidelaner (gold).

Hayabusa is very strong in various lanes and will certainly
confuse the enemy team’s picks if our team has Hayabusa players.
Talking about Hayabusa who is currently a meta hero, in
this article, Fajaryusufdotcom will recommend the
best Hayabusa build item season 21 in 2021, which is very easy to use.

Build items hayabusa 2021 season 21 the best

Build Items Hayabusa Mobile Legends:

  • Swift Boots
  • War Ax
  • Endless Battle
  • Malefic Roar
  • Rose Gold Meteor(optional)
  • Immortality(optional)
  • Sea Halberd(optional)

The first item is Swift Boots, this item will provide an
additional attack speed of +15% which makes Hayabusa able to perform basic attacks
quickly and mobility faster.

The next item is War Axe, this item is a meta item at this time
because it can provide an additional 9 Physical Attack and 3 Physical
Penetration (maximum 8 stacks) which can produce very
large damage and additional +20% movement speed at maximum stack.

Then the third item is Endless Battle, an item that provides a lot of
stats, but the main thing is +5% movement speed which makes Hayabusa faster, there is also +10% Physical Lifesteal, and
+10% additional movement speed again when this item produces true

After Malefic Roar, a very good item to use when entering the
late-game to defeat heroes with strong defenses such as
Fighters and Tanks, currently the defense item is very strong to withstand
damage, so Penetration on this item is large, which is +35% will very

Rose Gold Meteor (optional), the item to get an additional shield
is to absorb 510-1350 damage. In addition, there is additional lifesteal
on this item of +5% so Hayabusa can survive longer during

Sea Halberd (optional), a useful item when dealing with opponents
who have high HP regen, for example Esmeralda, Yu Zhong and
several other HP regen heroes.

Immortality (optional), an item that is useful for returning to life with a
little HP, this item is very useful during late-game.

That’s the best Hayabusa build recommendation for season 21 in 2021 in
Mobile Legends.

Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


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