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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

This is the Best Scaling Champion List in LoL Wild Rift

| Tuesday, August 10, 2021

In the MOBA mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift, there are currently 71 available and playable champions, each of whom have their own unique abilities. Each champion has different abilities, all of which can be from many factors, including basic stats, roles, and skill-sets they have. And do you know the ability of champion scaling in LoL Wild Rift?

Yep in the MOBA game one of the most useful abilities is Scaling. The ability to scale is the ability to keep growing as the game progresses from early-game to late-game.

The development of each champion is influenced by various factors, such as the development of basic stats, items used, to skill levels. Which means champion scaling will be very useful when entering the late-game.

In this article, will provide a list of the best scaling champion for the MOBA mobile game Wild Rift, here is a list of the best scaling champions:

Champion lol wild rift scaling the best the best


Akali is a mid-laner champion who is very feared in the early-game to late-game. Akali is also often banned by some players, difficult skill-set mechanics and also uses energy as a skill source, making Akali a useful scaling champion when entering the late-game phase.


Teemo is a champion that cannot be underestimated when entering the late-game phase. Because, the effect of Teemo’s poison during late-game will be very felt and troublesome for the enemy. Not only that, the ultimate skill, Noxious Trap, will also have a larger number each time the skill is leveled up.


Irelia is a champion of one of the best scaling champions, because Irelia has a skill-set that produces great damage while in the late-game phase. Not only skill-sets, when Irelia has entered the late-game phase and has the required items, the resulting output-damage will also increase drastically.


Kha’Zix is ​​a champion with the Assassin role who has the ability to evolve. Evolution can be done because Kha’Zix has a passive in the ultimate skill called Void Assault, which means Kha’Zix is ​​definitely a scaling champion, especially when Kha’Zix is ​​full of evolution.

Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the best jungle champions in Wild Rift. Although in the early-game phase, Master Yi is not very useful, but when he enters the late-game phase, Master Yi’s skill-set has a faster cooldown.

Therefore, skill 1, Alpha Strike, is very useful when Master Yi already has the items needed to do war. This skill also makes Yi untargetable and can attack up to 4 enemy champions at once. Not only that, the ultimate passive skill, Highlander, can also reduce the cooldown of skills by up to 70%, which makes the cooldown of skill 1 faster.

Yep, that’s the recommendation for the best scaling champion in the MOBA mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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