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Monday, August 9, 2021

This is the List of Heroes Jungler Mobile Legends META Season 21

| Monday, August 9, 2021

This is the list of Jungler heroes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game that is very useful or overpowered in this META Season 21. Yep, right now the right jungler hero can make it easier for players to win, because indeed these heroes have a very good skill-set to fill the
jungler role .

Yi Sun-shin

YSS is rarely played in rank mode but this hero is one of the favorite heroes of jungler players, moreover this hero is rarely banned in draft picks, this hero skill-set is very useful even in the early-game. The damage from passive and traceless YSS skills is very strong and with a complete skill-set this hero can play passive-skills to the maximum and deal great damage.


Harley is currently often banned on draft picks, because this hero is a threat in the early-game, which is why this hero is very useful in meta season 21 as a jungler. Harley is very strong with combo-skills and has high mobility. Not only that, with skill 1 Harley can quickly do farming, so it is very suitable to be a jungler.

List of heroes jungler meta season 21 mobile legends


Kancelot is a favorite Assassin as a jungler top pick. This hero has high mobility and is indeed in demand because it has great damage, it can also be used to target enemy backline heroes such as marksman, mage and support.


Hayabusa became a meta hero in season 21 at this time, players often see it being used as a sidelaner and midlaner. Even so this hero can indeed be on any line but is very effective when
used as a jungler.


Ling is an Assassin who can very easily kill enemies during the early-game, even though he has a high level of difficulty but this hero is still the choice of Jungler players. But keep in mind this hero really needs a blue buff.


A Marksman who becomes a meta hero in Season 21. This hero is very strong in the early-game, even though he has gotten a nerf, but Granger is still a favorite of Junglers. With the right item to use, namely Hunter Strike, Granger can be very useful as a team damage maker with his skill-set.

Yep, that’s a very useful list of jungler heroes in Mobile Legends for META Season 21.

Source: Mobile Legends


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