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Friday, August 6, 2021

Tips for the Lost Riches Genshin Impact Event, Seelie's Treasure Search!

| Friday, August 6, 2021

Previously, the Lost Riches event was announced in the update of the action-rpg game Genshin Impact version 1.2. Currently, the Lost Riches event is back in the 2.0 version update and presents various missions and prizes in it.

Players can now try to get various prizes from the event, the prizes include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora, Experience Book, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Seelie gadgets.

The Lost Riches event is an event that gives players the task of making friends with Treasure Seeker Seelie and helping find treasures in various areas to get various prizes.

This event starts today from August 6 to August 16. For the item prize exchange schedule, players can do it when the event lasts until 20 August.

At the Lost Riches Genshin Impact event, players will meet a treasure hunter named Ulman on the shores of Inazuma. Ulman was once Seelie’s friend, but for some unknown reason, Seelie suddenly stopped helping her search for treasure. However, Seelie seems to be interested in the player, so the player can become Seelie’s new treasure hunting companion.

event lost riches genshin impact

For players wishing to try this event, players must reach Adventure Rank 30 or higher as well as have completed the Ritou Escape Plan during the Archon quest. During the event, Treasure Seeker Seelie will help players search for treasure throughout the Inazuma area.

The treasure search will be given 2 clues to find the area that is suspected to have treasure. The first clue is just an image of the world map without any text, and the second clue is the target area circled in red.

After the player finds the treasure area given by the hint, use Seelie to search for the treasure. Players can use these characters by completing the Gadgets section.

Not only that, once the player is around the coin, Seelie will start helping find the treasure. Players also have to walk throughout the treasure area and also collect a number of coins that can be exchanged.

After the player clears the treasure area, the player will unlock the Special Treasure Clues. This content is similar to the treasure areas that players previously cleared. Players can also complete these missions with friends or solo to earn Primogem and more rewards.

After the player completes the Lost Riches event, the player will be rewarded by exchanging the Iron Coin that the player has collected. This prize is in the form of a player’s choice of a Seelie gadget as well as Primogem, Mora, Enhancement Ores, Experience Books, and Crown of Insight.

Source: Genshin Impact


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