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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Complete Explanation of the Affinity Features / System in Mobile Legends (ML)

| Thursday, September 23, 2021

Moonton in the latest update has presented a new feature / system called Affinity fortheir popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends (ML). The Affinity feature/system has been released on Mobile Legends (ML) together with the 1.6.18 patch update which was released on September 21 yesterday.

Players can see the Affinity feature in the Profile -> Social -> Affinity menu. In this feature, players can increase intimacy with friends, by interacting in the Mobile Legends (ML) game. Interacting with the Mobile Legends game can be done by collaborating, playing together, and sending gifts to friends.

How to Get Affinity in Mobile Legends (ML)

Players can get Affinity with a friend once Familiarity reaches 150. The method is very easy, when the player has reached that number, the player only needs to send a request to make Affinity with other players, and other players only need to agree to the request.

How to Increase Affinity in Mobile Legends (ML)

After getting Affinity with other players, players can increase Affinity features with each other by interacting, such as:

  • Ranked-match together: +6 Affinity points
  • Classic-match together: +3 Affinity points
  • Other matches completed together: +2 Affinity points
  • Sending gifts: giving points equal to 10% of the value of the gift.
  • Players can earn up to 150 points with each friend per week.

In addition, there is no limit to the points earned by sending gifts.

explanation affinity system mobile legends

Types of Affinity in Mobile Legends (ML)

There are currently four types of Affinity, namely Couples, Bros, Besties and Confidants. After the player determines the Affinity with friends, the player can get the appropriate Affinity icon.

It should be noted that players have a limited number of slots when setting Affinity. For example, players can only have Couple Affinity with only 1 friend and have Affinity Bros with a maximum of 4 friends.

How to Remove Affinity in Mobile Legends (ML)

If the player wants to replace Affinity with another friend, the player can end this feature by sending a request again. Affinity termination requests received will be processed by the system within 7 days.

In addition, if an Affinity friend does not log in for more than 30 days, players can request to end Affinity directly without going through the waiting process.


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