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Monday, September 20, 2021

The 3 Best Healer Characters in Genshin Impact

| Monday, September 20, 2021

Currently, the action-RPG game Genshin Impact has 40 playable characters with various elements and roles that players can choose from. Of the 40 Genshin Impact characters available, there are several characters who have the skill to heal team members, commonly called Healers.

In version 2.1, Genshin Impact has 7 helaer characters that have various other abilities. Among these 7 characters, Fajaryusufdotcom has selected the 3 best healer characters in the Genshin Impact game. Yep, here are the 3 best helaer characters in Genshin Impact according to Fajaryusufdotcom:

1. Barbara

Barbara is a *4 character with Hydro element that players can get for free. Barbara has 2 skills that can heal teammates.

Barbara’s elemental skills and ultimate skills have a Healing effect for all team members, so Barbara is only suitable for use as a support/healer character.

Barbara’s weakness is a long cooldown skill and less than optimal energy recharge. Barbara will be very fitting when paired with Cryo element to activate elemental reaction ‘freeze’ when attacking enemies.

2. Qiqi

best healer genshin impact

Qiqi is a *5 character that has the Cryo element. Qiqi can become an Overpowered healer character if the player can choose the right weapons and artifacts for Qiqi. This is because Qiqi has passive healing skills in 2 main skills. However, Qiqi’s skill has a cooldown that is not too fast.

So when players choose artifacts for Qiqi, players should focus on artifacts that can increase energy recharge to reduce skill cooldown time.

3. Jean

Jean is a *5 character with an anemo element. Jean can be one of the best healer characters in Genshin Impact because Jean has burst and normal attack skills that can heal team members.

Compared to Qiqi and Barbara, Jean can be more versatile because Jean can be a support heel as well as a sub-DPS, so Jean is a flexible character in the game according to the player’s wishes.


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