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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Global Version of World Flipper Has Been Released, Here's the Tier list!

| Wednesday, September 8, 2021

After more than a year when this mobile game was released in Japan, World Flipper is still one of the most popular games from Cygames. To expand to more new players, now Cygames and Kakao Games have finally released the global version of World Flipper which has also been released for the Southeast Asia region.

World Flipper is a mobile RPG game that offers a mix of RPG and pinball action gameplay. Players can use heroes such as controlling pinball, but the difference in this game with pinball in general is in the skills and style-art to the combos that can be executed by the character. This combination of RPG elements is even more stunning with adorable pixel-art graphics.

This game presents a variety of playable character units, each character has their own unique skills and can be combined with other characters in the party. Each character can also be strengthened to gain access to new skills. Not only can they enjoy exciting and stunning strategic gameplay, players can also test their playing skills by trying other modes such as Raid Battle with friends to face tough enemies.

world flipper released tier list

Tier List World Flipper

Notes for rerolls:

  • Get at least 3 *5 characters when starting the game.
  • Mono team is preferred because of leader skill
  • Player can reroll without reinstalling gata by logging into a different gmail account.
Character Rating


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