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Friday, September 10, 2021

These are the types of fish and bait in Genshin Impact

| Friday, September 10, 2021

The fishing feature that has just been released by miHoYo has become a favorite feature of the action-RPG game Genshin Impact. Players go fishing for various reasons, including completing quests, obtaining weapons, or collecting fish in the game.

Even so, there are still some players who still don’t really understand the types of fish and bait in Genshin Impact. In fact, if the player wants to get a certain fish, the player must use a bait that matches the desired type of fish.

Yep, in this article, Fajaryusufdotcom will tell players about the types of fish and bait in Genshin Impact. By knowing the type of fish and bait, players will not be confused when they want to fish.

Types of fish and bait Genshin Impact

types of fish bait genshin impact

Types of fish in Genshin Impact

1.) Types of Medaka Fish

Medaka is a type of fish that can be caught using Fruit Paste Bait. Medaka fish species consist of Medaka, Glaze Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Dawncatcher, and Crystalfish. This species can be found in Cider Lake, Stormbearer Mountains, Stormteror’s Lair, Windrise, Dragonspine, and Mt. Aocang.

2.) Types of Stickelback Fish

Stickleback is a type of fish that can be caught using Redroit Bait. This type of fish consists of Lunged Stickel, Betta, Venomspine Fish, Akai Maou, Snowstrider.

3.) Types of Koi Fish

Types of Koi fish can be caught using Fake Fly Bait bait. This type of fish consists of Golden Koi and Rusty Koi.

4,) Types of Butterflyfish

Butterflyfish can be caught using false worm bait. Fish included in this type are Brown Shirakodai, Purple Shirakodai, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, Abiding Angelfish, and Raimei Angelfish.

5.) Types of Pufferfish

Pufferfish consist of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish. This type can be fished with Fake Fly Bait bait.

Types of bait in Genshin Impact

1.) Redroit bait

The Redroit Bait type of bait can be used for fishing for Stacklebacks. This bait can be made using Dendrobium and Fowl materials.

2.) Fruit Paste Bait

Fruit Paste Bait can be used to lure Medaka fish. To get Fruit Paste Bait players need Sunsetia and Wheat ingredients.

3.) False Worm Bait

False Worm Bait is used for fishing for Butterflyfish and Pufferfish. This bait can be obtained with Slime Condensate and Berry ingredients.

4.) Fake Fly Bait

Fake Fly Bait is used for fishing for Koi fish. This bait can be made with Sakura Bloom and Horsetail materials.

Yep, those are the types of fish and bait for fishing in Genshin Impact, so now players won’t be confused if they want to catch certain fish in the game.


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