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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Best Solo Push Rank Hero in Mobile Legends (ML) Season 22

| Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Season 22 of the MOBA Mobile Legends (ML) game has officially started, players who previously reached the highest Tier are now returning to low Tier due to the season reset. This certainly makes players start from the adjusted tier, there are those who play from the Grandmaster, Epic and Legend tiers.

Of course this forces players to go back to Push-Rank to reach the desired Tier. However, not all players can achieve this dream because they don’t have a team to play together, forcing players to play solo.

Therefore, in this article, Fajaryusufdotcom will recommend the best Push-Rank solo heroes that can help players achieve Mythic.

  • Alpha
  • Ruby
  • Popol & Kupa
  • Harley
  • Benedetta
  • Jawhead
  • Balmond

best solo push rank hero mobile legends


Alpha is currently a very useful Fighter, because Alpha can be very good if played on GoldLane or EXPLane, and Alpha currently has very good LifeSteal and CooldownSkills.


Yep, playing solo rank definitely forces you to be able to play in various lanes, including EXPLane and Gold Lane. Ruby can certainly be a good choice, because players can win the war team with this hero if the skills are used correctly.

Popol & Kupa

No need to doubt, Popol & Kupa are heroes who can fill all lanes, Popol & Kupa can be very helpful during team wars, or kill enemies easily thanks to the help of skill-sets and crowd-control they have.


This hero certainly has very high flexibility, Benedetta can be placed as a jungler, sidelaner to roamer. If the player can use this hero well, it will certainly help the player do Push Rank very easily to reach Mythic.


META Tank/Fighter as Jungler is now becoming popular to use when playing ranked mode in Mobile Legends (ML). By using Harley, of course, it can help the team to defeat enemy Jungler heroes very easily with their burst damage and combo skills.


Jawhead is still the best choice that players can use to play solo rank. Jawhead is rarely banned and has high flexibility and can suppress the enemy team from the start of the game, which is an added value for this fighter hero.


Even though it has an easy mechanism for all players to play, this hero is still one of the most powerful fighters in the Land of Dawn. Only by using Cyclone Sweep (Skill 2) and Lethal Counter (Ultimate Skill), Balmond can easily clean up the minions and enemies in front of him.


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