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Monday, October 4, 2021

This is the List of Heroes Jungler Meta Season 22 Mobile Legends (ML)

| Monday, October 4, 2021

This is a list of the best Jungler Heroes that can be used to play Rank in Season 22 of the MOBA Mobile Legends (ML) game. Yep, currently the Jungler role has changed greatly in the Season 22 meta, although currently there are still many heroes who are quite stable in this season 22 of Mobile Legends (ML).

With many Marksman heroes currently filling the Goldlaner role, because currently Marksman is already quite difficult as a jungler in this Season 22 meta, in this article Fajaryusufdotcom will provide recommendations for the best heroes for the Jungler role in season 22 of Mobile Legends (ML).

  • Hayabusa
  • Ling
  • Lancelot
  • Karina
  • Barats
  • Roger
  • YSS
  • Granger


Hayabusa is now also one of the popular heroes as the best Jungler. Although many are disappointed with Hayabusa’s enormous damage at this time. With a longer Ultimate, timing is indeed one of Hayabusa’s problems, but in the hands of the right player Hayabusa can be very deadly.


After the revamp, Lancelot became a favorite among Jungler players. With skill 1 which is easier to use, Lancelot is now more able to dash and penetrate the enemy’s back line.


Ling is still very stable when played as Jungler. As an Assassin, Ling has high mobility and great damage, although Ling currently really needs Blue-Buff but Ling is still able to do split push when the Team is defeated by the enemy Team.


Karina with the tank build popularized by players makes Karina a pretty good Jungler hero. Karina has a passive that makes her able to produce great damage even with a tank build.


Barats is one of the most popular junglers today. With thick durability, and great damage, making Barats one of the strongest Jungler hero choices. Difficult to kill when dealing with Assassins, making Barats jungler the right choice for counter Assassin heroes.

Hero Jungler Meta Season 22 Mobile Legends


Roger is currently also highly recommended as a Jungler for meta season 22. Roger is a Fighter/Marksman who of course can also use War Ax. Roger has a very large penetration of Marksman mode (Open Fire) and great damage when entering Fighter mode.

Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-shin previously changed to Assassin/Marksman, this allowed him to use War Ax 100%. This also makes Marksman one of the best jungler choices for Meta Season 22.


Granger is the only pure Marksman that can be used as a Jungler, with an additional 90 damage to jungle monsters, making him a Jungler even though Granger does not benefit when using War Ax. Granger’s damage is also very large in the early-game and certainly an advantage because the range is quite far making it difficult to touch during teamfights.

Yep, that’s the list of the best Jungler heroes for Meta Season 22 in the Mobile Legends (ML) game, who do you think is the best?


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