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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tips and Guide how to play Greedent in Pokémon Unite

| Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Greedent is a Defender-type Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, which players need to learn how to play. Because there are many Greedent skills that confuse players, it will definitely make it a little difficult for players to play Greedent. Players also have to learn each of the best Greedent skills to choose, the best items to use, as well as how to play.

SkillsSet Greedent Pokemon Unite

There are many Greedent skills that players should pay attention to in Pokémon UNITE. If the player already understands this skillset, it will be easy to do combo attacks.

Passive Skill

Greedent has a Passive Skill and BasicAttack that can take out Berries. Every time the Greedent eats the berry, the Greedent can save it or immediately add HP when the storage is full. In addition, every Greedent is hit by an enemy attack, the Greedent will issue a Berry. This is what makes Greedent the best defender Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE.

Players must pay attention, these berries can also be taken by enemies or teammates. So, make sure to secure the Berry so that it is not taken by the enemy.

Skill 1: Tackle

At the beginning of the match, Greedent will be given skill 1 named Tackle. This skill 1 must be directed by the player when using it. Greedent will tackle in the specified direction. This skill can be used to escape or chase enemies. The effect of this skill will also give slow to the enemy.

In addition, when you have a lot of Berry stored on Greedent’s tail, then the cooldown of Skill 1 Greedent will also decrease. Which means, players can use this skill almost any time.

Skill 1 Upgrade: Bullet Seed / Belch

At level 7, players can upgrade skill 1 Greedent. There are 2 skill options, namely Bullet Seed or Belch.

Bullet Seed : shoots seeds at the enemy. It must be remembered that the player must hold the skill cursor to always remove the seed. The intensity of the shot also depends on the Berry stored.

Belch : Greedent will issue a burp in an area large enough to inflict damage on the enemy. Every time Greedent uses this skill, the Berry that has been collected will decrease.

Skill 2: Defense Curl

When this skill is used, Greedent will gain the skill in a short time and issue a berry in front of him. This skill can be used when in the front row during a teamwar.

Skill 2 Upgrade : Stuff Cheeks / Covet

When Greedent has reached level 5, players can choose to upgrade skill 2 to Stuff Cheeks or Covet.

Stuff Checks : This skill will issue 5 berries towards the front, so that Greedent can replenish Healthpoint. When the berry storage is full, the next berry taken will be converted into a shield. Very suitable as a Defender skill.

Covet : When using this skill, Greedent will issue berries one by one and chase after him. In addition, when Greedent activates this skill, players can hit the opponent and give a knockback effect on the opponent. The more often Greedent eats berries when using Covet skills, the running speed will increase.

Unite Move

Greedent will jump to a predetermined area, and give a knock up effect. In addition, for the duration of using Unite Move Greedent, players will be able to use skill 1 continuously or without cooldown. This can be used to steal objectives like Zapdos. Or it could be to deal very high damage when the enemy is gathered in one area.

Guide how to play Greenent in Pokémon Unite

Selection of Pokemon UNITE’s Greedent Upgrade Skill

We recommend that when you want to choose a Greedent skill upgrade in Pokémon UNITE, players must take the Stuff Cheeks and Belch skillsBecause Stuff Cheeks will be very useful for removing many berries at once. This berry can be used to provide support to teammates.

Belch is also very synergistic with Unite Move from Greedent, when CAN use it continuously when Unite Move is active. This skill can provide very effective damage to enemies. This will give you a chance to win a teamwar using Greedent in Pokémon UNITE.

The best item for Greedent Pokemon UNITE

Battle Item: Potion, to increase Greedent’s durability when it has to withstand a lot of damage.
Held Item: Muscle Band, to increase Greedent’s melee attacks.


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