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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tips for Becoming the Right Midlaner/Jungler in Pokemon UNITE

| Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Pokemon UNITE is a CrossPlatform MOBA gamebased on the Pokemon series. This MOBA game is very unique and different from MOBAs in general, one of which is the absence of a Tower system but replaced with a Goalzone, besides that in this MOBA game there is no Jungler, but Midlaner is in charge of roaming and killing Wild Pokemon Buffs, and usually Midlaner is a Pokemon with Speedster type.

Which means in this MOBA game Midlaner has the same task as Jungler so the formation of the game in this game is 2 Toplaner, 1 Midlaner, 2 Bottomlaner. Because there are still many players who are confused about the tasks of the Midlaner/Jungler in this game, in this article Fajaryusufdotcom will provide Tips and Tricks to become a true Midlaner/Jungler in Pokemon UNITE.

During Pokemon Pick Session, Tell Team That You Are Midlaner/Jungler!

Before the match starts, when picking Pokemon tell the team that you will be playing in the Central Area. Use Battle Prep and select Central Area in Path Setting so the team won’t interfere when you kill Wild Pokemon in Mid. This is very important because Midlaner/Jungler in the Early Game requires all Wild Pokemon in the Central Area so that they can help the team during the War. Also use Fluffy Tail items so you can defeat Wild Pokemon, including Rotom, Drednaw, and Zapdos.

Pokemon UNITE Midlaner/Jungler Rotation

Midlaner/Jungler requires a lot of EXP during the early game so Midlaner/Jungler can put pressure on the enemy team, when Midlaner finishes farming in the Central Area. At the beginning of the game, defeat Lilipup first and don’t kill Aipom on the toplane and bottomlane because it will interfere with the EXP of the lane friend.

Then take the buff from Ludicolo because this pokemon can provide a buff that can increase pokemon damage and facilitate farming. Then defeat the Bouffalant so you get a buff that can reduce the enemy’s Movement Speed. Use Fluffy Tail to Cancel Charge Attack from Bouffalant so you can save time.

After getting both buffs from Wild Pokemon, kill the existing Corphish and immediately help the nearest lane from the last Corphish that was defeated. Defeat enemy Pokemon as soon as possible because Midlaner already has the advantage of two levels above enemy Pokemon lane.

tips trick midlaner jungler pokemon unite

After helping the nearest lane, continue helping the team to beat Vespiqueen and Combees so that the team gets faster EXP and can hold the lane when left behind.

After defeating the two pokemon, Midlaner must go directly to the other lane through the Zapdos area. Because in that area, Midlaner can take Green Berries which can provide Movement Speed ​​buffs and you can surprise the enemy and defeat the enemy quickly.

Defeat the enemy Pokemon on the lane and score with the team as quickly as possible. Try to do Scoring with the team because the more pokemon friends are in the GoalZone, the faster the time it takes to score. After that do farming in the Central Area and defeat Rotom/Drednaw when they appear.

Focus On Getting Drednaw, Rotom, and Zapdos

Drednaw and Rotom will appear after 3 minutes of play (7 Minutes). Prioritize getting Drednaw first then Rotom. Although Drednaw is stronger, the EXP and Shield buffs obtained can help the team master the game so that the enemy will have difficulty pushing. Watch the timer because these two pokemon will respawn after 2 minutes from the time they were defeated.

Rotom will help the team do Instascoring when defeated, and Rotom will enter the enemy’s Goalzone area. But Rotom is also useful as bait if you want to push in the Bottom lane. The enemy will be too focused on blocking Rotom so that Bottom lane is often left behind and the team can score easily. If the Enemy remains in Bottom Lane, push Top lane with Rotom.

Zapdos Will appear when 2 Minutes remaining in the game. Zapdos will give 30 AeosPoint to all team members who beat Zapdos as well as Instascoring buff for 30 Seconds. Try when you want to attack Zapdos, all team members must help so that the enemy will be overwhelmed by stealing Zapdos from the team.

If the enemy approaches Zapdos first, let them attack Zapdos until Zapdos’s blood remains 50% then attack the enemy team together and steal Zapdos from the enemy. Zapdos is the main key to victory in the Pokemon UNITE game, so the team that gets Zapdos and scores will definitely win the match.


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