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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Seven Knights 2 has been released! This is the Tier List and Guide Reroll

| Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Seven Knights 2 has been officially released today. For Android players, there are additional files that you have to download for 5GB. November 2021 seems like a very exciting month for mobile gamers. Because Netmarble has released a game called Seven Knights 2 globally. Players around the world can now play Seven Knight 2.

Seven Knights 2 is a mobile game that was released on the Android and iOS platforms  Presenting stunning visuals and very unique gameplay from the previous series, Seven Knight 2 is the game that players have been waiting for. With the Openworld Cinematic RPG genre and also with a variety of quality content.

Players can witness such stunning scenes in Seven Knights 2. Like Openworld RPG games in general, players can complete various missions. Including fighting to defeat enemies, saving someone, and much more. The Raid Boss feature is also here to add excitement to playing Seven Knights 2 when playing with friends. Players can join groups of 4-8 players to defeat powerful Raid Bosses.

To play Seven Knights 2, players need storage space and a good internet connection. Because, the file that must be downloaded is quite large. The file size of Seven Knights 2 is 5 GB. Make sure the player has prepared enough storage space and data plans.

seven knights 2 tier list reroll guide

Minimum Specifications of Seven Knights 2

And the following are the specifications needed to play Seven Knights 2.

  • iOS
  • Minimum: iOS 10.0 or higher, RAM: 3GB or higher
  • Recommended: iOS 10.0 or higher, RAM: 4GB or higher


  • Android
  • Minimum: Android 7 or higher, RAM: 3 GB or higher
  • Recommended: Android 8 or higher, RAM: 4GB or higher

Tier List Seven Knights 2

This is the Tier List for Seven Knights 2. Fajaryusufdotcom has successfully tried to find out the current tier list for Seven Knights 2. However, if you disagree with this list, remember that this Tierlist is based on Fajaryusufdotcom’s understanding of the game and its mechanics.

SilvestaS – TIER
KyleS – TIER
ClemythA – TIER
AmeliaA – TIER
JaveA – TIER
Da QiaoA – TIER
Colt AceA – TIER
KyrielleA – TIER
AtalantaA – TIER
platinumA – TIER
EvanA – TIER
WukongA – TIER
KarlA – TIER
Ryan RyanB – TIER
ElysiaB – TIER
VanessaB – TIER
RoroB – TIER
KnoxB – TIER
KaguraC – TIER
RudyC – TIER
NezhaC – TIER
Yu ShinC – TIER
EileenC – TIER
SpikeC – TIER
IngridC – TIER
OrlyC – TIER
clanD – TIER
ChancellorD – TIER
DellonsD – TIER
AragonD – TIER
YeonheeD – TIER
ChloeD – TIER
HeavenF – TIER
KarinF – TIER
RookF – TIER
MihoF – TIER
LinaF – TIER

How to Reroll in Seven Knights 2

  1. First, open the game and make sure to unlink the game account.
  2. Next, create a new Guestaccount.
  3. Keep playing the game until you arrive at Estella’s Shop.
  4. Once there, open the menu and go to settings.
  5. Go to the Account Tab and copy the ID.
  6. After that, visit and enter the account ID.
  7. This will give players a lot of in-game rewards right in the mailbox.
  8. Next, craft a hero, pet, and equipment ticket.
  9. Go to the shop and buy a Hero Selection Ticket using Topaz.
  10. Open the Legendary Ticket in the mailbox.
  11. Use all remaining tickets and rubies in Estella’s Shop.
  12. Next, open the Heroes Selection Banner and select Evan Heroes Banner.
  13. Don’t use the Summon 10x option. Use Hero Selection Tickets.
  14. Keep repeating these steps until you get a Legendary Hero.

Download: Appstore or Googleplay


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