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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tier List and how to Reroll Alchemy Stars, get tier S characters!

| Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In this article, players will find the Tier List Alchemy Stars that Fajaryusufdotcom has compiled. To help players decide which character is the best for the team to use, here we have divided them by Element.

It’s been a long time since this RPG-Strategy game was released globally on Android and iOS. However, new players may feel that most of the characters featured in this Alchemy Stars game are a bit unbalanced. It’s natural for you to wonder, which ones are the best and worth investing in player resources and which ones you shouldn’t really care about.

Tier List Alchemy Stars

tier list alchemy stars

Thunder Element

SRevy, Eve, Beverly, Gronru, Irridon, Michael, Wrath, Bonacie, Luke
ABeverley, Dayna, Schwartz, Mia, Nemesis, Vivian, Kafka, Pittman
BAnsia, Lilliam, Nadine, Rabbie, Tessa, Keating, Hachi & Gin
CEho, Amy, Angel, Unimet

Water Element

SBethel, Raphael, Sharona, Carleen, Chloe, Bethlehem, Sariel, Fleur, Bethlehem, Connolly
AAllura, Kuma & Pengy, Barton, Hydrad, Kleken, Philyshy, Vice
BConstantine, Tweety, Jane, Michenny, Ms. Blanc, Noah
CCorax, Korgon, White Dwarf, Zoya, Seleucid, Korgan

Fire Element

SSinsa, Eicy, Jona, Charon, Uriel, Victoria, Frostfire, Smokey, Gram
ACordy, Barbara, Faust, Istvan, Maggie, Brock, Patty & Patsy
BBrock Chandra Nails Regina Leona Alice
CChainsaw Rick, Joanie, Sork & Bekk, Pepi, Tiny One, Joanie Boom, Benny & Curo, Taki

Nature Element

SHedy, Paloma, Gabriel, Hiiro, Beryl, Migard, Nikinis, Pasolo
ANaroxel, Dawn, Sikare, Areia, Cuscuta, Louise, Robyn, Pact, Jola
BLester, Sylva, Jomu, Uriah, Wendy, Ophina, Odi
CClover, Dove, Leah

How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars

  1. Start game
  2. Complete the tutorial and recruit characters after Level 1-4
  3. If the RNG you get is bad, go back to the start menu and exit
  4. Log in again with a different email (you can also use Facebook or Twitter)
  5. Repeat the process until you get some of the best units


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