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Friday, December 31, 2021

Tips and tricks on how to easily increase Ranks Thetan Arena in Solo Battleroyale mode

| Friday, December 31, 2021

If you are looking for tips and tricks for playing Solo Battleroyale so that winning is easy, then you are in the right article, and if you don’t have a squad in Thetan Arena game, then Solo Battleroyale mode is the best mode to increase Ranks in Thetan Arena. It’s not easy to rank up in Thetan Arena especially if you lose and lose a large number of trophies in the match. So if you guys win half the time, you will end up in the same place forever.

Before discussing the tips, it would be better if you understand every Hero in Thetan Arena, because it will be easier for you to win the match if you already understand what kind of Hero you have and play.

Role Hero Thetan Arena

There are 3 Role Heroes in Thetan Arena game, namely Tank, Assassin and Marksman. If you have played MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, LoL Wild RIft, or Arena of Valor, then you are probably already familiar with the existing roles . In case you didn’t know, Tanks are responsible for reducing damage and protecting the team. Assassin is tasked with jumping into action and killing enemies with low Healthpoint, then Marksman stays behind the Tank and tries to defeat the enemies.

Tier List Thetan Arena

There are many modes in this game, including battle royale, death match, tower, and superstar. Each mode has different rules, and each Hero has its own advantages in each mode. For example, a solo specialization hero will perform well in battle royale mode, but will not be effective in team modes such as death match, then for every condition and enemy being fought also requires certain Heroes. So all the Tier Lists on the internet are not all true and valid, you have to be able to adjust all the conditions in the MOBA game, because every MOBA game is created with strategy and counters.

And for those of you who play Solo Battleroyale, use the tips and tricks below to get an advantage and increase your Ranks easily!

Tips Tricks easy way rank up Titan Arena Solo Battleroyale mode

Choose the Right Hero

In Solo Battleroyale mode, you’ll obviously be playing alone, so make sure to pick a hero who performs well solo, like Raidon or Breaker. If you choose a hero like Destoroid or Bathos, you will have a hard time because they perform well only in team play and are not good solo heroes.

Destroy the Giftbox when the match starts

As soon as the match starts, head straight to the gift box and destroy it. This giftbox will provide power-up items that will increase your Healthpoint and increase Skills. Collecting power-ups at the start of the game will make you stronger than the enemies, so you can easily win 1vs1 battles.

Hide and Kill

If you focus on wanting to rise in Ranks, then you have to play defensively. Get some power-ups and then hide in the bushes and wait for the target to be killed. If you keep wandering outside, then other players hiding in the bushes will use a combination of Skills and kill you.

Evade and Survive

If you die at the start of the game, you will lose a lot of trophies, but if you don’t win but are at the top of the game, you will get a lot of trophies. So when playing to move up the Ranks, the main goal is to stay in the game longer, and the best way to do that is to avoid fights as much as you can. Only fight when absolutely necessary.


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