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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Tips on how to win easily in Thetan Arena, these are the best Skills!

| Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Thetan Arena is a Playtoearn mobile MOBA game, where players can play to earn valuable crypto coins, This game was released last month and has become very popular since then, and many players want to win easily in this game. If you are an avid player and looking for the best Thetan Arena Skills for your Hero, then you are in the right article. Here is a Guide Tips & Tricks to choose the best Skills for Hero Thetan Arena.


Flame Thrower is probably the best skill in Thetan Arena that players can use for team matches. This skill can defeat the entire enemy team. But this skill must be used properly and correctly. This skill works a bit odd, because it only damages the enemy directly in the line of fire. Therefore, if the enemy was smart to dodge, they would survive any damage. Players may need time to master this skill, but the results will be very good once players can do it.


If you like close combat or a very good hero at close range, then Rocket Blunger is for you. This skill is probably the best skill for players who play aggressively. Players can hide in bushes, attract enemies, and knock them down quickly with Burst Damage.


Burrow is the best hidden skill. This skill can be used to go underground and appear right next to the intended target. This skill can also be used to escape from a fight. This is a very useful skill, especially in the solo battle royale mode. It’s not the best skill in a team game but still performs well.

Tips  win easily Thetan Arena the best Skills


If you can aim correctly, Super Rocket is an Overpowered skill. This skill is a heavy weapon that can strike through walls. This skill has a very long range and causes massive damage to nearby targets and enemies when it explodes. Super Rocket is an excellent skill for team matches as well as battle royale, but it all depends on the player who uses it.


Black Hole is a deadly skill when used in conjunction with offensive skills. This skill creates a very strong gravitational circle that pulls all targets to the center. At the same time, this skill also stuns and damages enemies. When the enemy is stunned, you can use offensive skills to deal greater damage to all enemies at once. But keep in mind that Black Hole only works best in team modes like Death Match and Superstar. This skill is very useless in battle royale.

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