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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2 Police fired for playing Pokemon GO while on duty

| Wednesday, January 12, 2022

It is true that playing games is very fun for everyone, especially if the game being played has exciting gameplay, one of the games with such exciting gameplay is Pokemon GO, which is now getting 2 police officers fired for playing the game. Yep, we really have to be careful and always remember our main activities and jobs. Because recently there was news about 2 police officers who were fired for being too busy catching Snorlax in the Pokemon GO game than catching criminals.

This information comes from the publication letter of the trial that took place in Los Angeles, California, United States which can be accessed at In the letter, 2 LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) police officers were considered negligent in their duties when they were given the task of chasing robbers in the city.

It is known that they were both negligent as they were both busy playing and catching Snorlax in Pokemon GO. This is known based on a video and audio sound as evidence in the trial.

2 Police fired playing Pokemon GO while on duty

Based on the information in the publication of the results of the trial, they were both found to be negligent and did not carry out the tasks that had been entrusted to them. When they get a call to chase the robber from a communication device, one of the cops asks if they will arrest him or not. Another policeman answered in a nonchalant manner.

Based on the results of the evidence, the two of them discussed for 20 minutes and went around in a vehicle. Their efforts paid off, the two policemen got Snorlax and Togepi. But in exchange, they both had to be fired for being negligent while on duty.



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