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Friday, January 21, 2022

NFT_Gaming by Fajaryusuf.Com released NFT MMORPG Job 1

| Friday, January 21, 2022


He is a warrior, he used to be a son of a king, but all was destroyed when his kingdom was destroyed and the king was killed, now he is fighting from scratch for a new kingdom and is determined to build his work again someday


This woman is a Wizard, but she still doesn’t know what kind of magic power will make her the greatest Wizard, her white eyeballs indicate that she is not mature enough to get a formidable elemental power, but one day she will definitely be able to do it.


This man used to be a street thug, but he has special powers, without realizing he is a descendant of a druid, he often fights but he can heal himself, now he has joined the kingdom and is in the front row as a paladin.


Although a ninja does not cooperate with the kingdom, but he always moves in tune with the truth, behind the shadows he always hunts criminals, not for names, but he only trains to become the strongest shadow.

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