Let's Support Pevita Pearce In The Final PUBG PMCO 2019!

For you who are PUBG game fans, surely you can't wait for the PMCO 2019 event. The tournament final match organized by Tencent Games and collaborating with Vivo will begin on July 26-28 2019 tomorrow.

Each team that made it into the final round will compete in the Erstel Congress CenterGermany. For those who managed to become champions, Tencent has prepared a total prize of 2.5 million dollars.

There will be 16 professional teams from various countries, there is also an entertainment match that will take place on the first day, namely Team Up. This program is a series of PMCO 2019 events that compete with nine persons non-professionals, which will be held on July 28, 2019 .

Final PUBGM PMCO 2019 Pevita

After voting for 10 days, finally nine top names have been found from celebritiesathletes, and influencers who were selected to take part in the final match of the PMCO 2019. Here are nine names chosen:

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo : NBA athletes, 2019-2019 MVP title winners
  • Boy Parkon : Thai singer, actor and model
  • Pevita Pearce : Indonesian actress
  • Chi Pu : Vietnamese actress and singer
  • Kazu : Influencer from Japan
  • Mysterious YT : Game Influencer from India
  • Nero : Inluencer game
  • PowerBang : American game influencer
  • Athena : Influencer from Korea

On the first day of PMCO Global Final, the nine non-professional players will form a team and fight to get a Chicken Dinner. Not only the nine names above, an American musician, Alan Walker will also compete in the show match later. In addition to fighting skills, Alan Walker will also perform his latest song in the final match.

In order to welcome the PMCO 2019 Global Final event, Tencent shares exclusive In-game prizes that you can get for free. From July 18 to July 25, there will be a special mission with prizes for voting, every vote you give will be awarded in the form of Team Up Crate.

For you PUBG game fans, especially those who are domiciled in Indonesia, don't miss the Pevita Pearce voting here!

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