Don't Pick Carmilla! New Bug Mobile Legends Found!
genshin impact closed beta test 2

Let’s Regist Second Closed Beta Test Genshin Impact!

Having previously announced that Genshin Impact will also be released for the Nintendo Switch device. miHoYo now finally gives players the opportunity to try out what it’s like to play the action RPG game directly. Announced via a press release on the official website, miHoYo and Global Interactive Entertainment announced the second closed beta […]

Let’s Pre-Register The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Now!

Netmarble today released a pre-registration campaign for their new mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross global version on Google Play and App Store. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a turn-based mobile RPG game with a mechanical card picking system. The graphics on this mobile game are really pretty and this mobile […]

ml leak 13 january

ML Leak Today January 13th 2020, New & Remodel Sacred Statue!

Today January 13th 2020, Mobile Legends / ML provides leaked some updated content, including the following: New Skin Release Date January 2020 Below you can see the new skins that will be released this January, there are skin Carmilla, skin Aurora Zodiac, skin Odette Special, skin Karrie Gill-girl, skin Deathrock Martis, skin Crow Bishop Estes. […]

mob pyscho 100 games mobile

Let’s Download Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle!

Crunchyroll has officially announced the release of their new mobile game titled Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle. Players from US, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, England, New Zealand and Australia can now download this game from the AppStore or Google Play. Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle is an RPG mobile game […]

pre register magic mana strike

Magic: ManaStrike Now Begins Pre-Registration

Netmarble today officially announced that pre-registration for Magic: ManaStrike was officially opened. Magic: Mana Strike is the first mobile game developed by Netmarble Monster from the Magic: The Gathering series belongs to Wizards of the Coast. Magic: Mana Strike will be released globally on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Players who pre-register to download Magic: ManaStrike […]

ml leak 9 januari butterfly seraphim lunox

ML Leak Today January 9th 2020, All Skin Entrance Will Be Release!

Today, January 9th 2020, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including skin survey chang’e and various skin entrance which will be release below: Chang’e Skin Survey Skin Combat Maiden Masha Skin Gill Girl Karrie Skin Crow Bishop Estes Skin Countless Wisteria Carmilla Skin Seraphim Butterfly Lunox Skin Auspicious Charm Odette Skin Star […]

update skuld seven knights

Seven Knight Presents New Special Hero, Named Skuld

Netmarble has officially announced today that the Seven Knights as RPG mobile game presents a new special Hero named Skuld, besides that there are a variety of other updates. Skuld has the nickname the Foreseeing Third Seat which is a member of the Celestial Guardians. This newly added hero can also be strengthened by upgrading […]

warrior of the sky marvel future fight

‘Warriors of the Sky’ Team Comes to Marvel Future Fight

Introduced at the Thailand Game Show held in October 2019, Netmarble finally officially announced a new original Super Hero team called Warriors of the Sky, this team consisting of four Marvel Super Heroes can be recruited in the MARVEL Future Fight update today January 9th 2020. This update includes a new uniform, updated gameplay system, […]

ml leak 8 januari 20

ML Leak Today January 8th 2020, Many Skin Surveys!

Today, January 8th 2020, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including the following: Karrie Gill Girl Epic Skin In this skin Karrie looks like a fish queen who is very scary. Guinevere Amethyst Dance Skin Guinevere Amethyst Dance will be released tomorrow, January 9th 2020. Masha Combat Maiden Skin Masha Combat Maiden […]


This is the Official Arknights English Release Date!

Finally our waiting is over! Yostar has officially announced the release date of the English version of Arknights which will be released shortly. Yostar starts the release rundown with only 8 days left! Arknights is a Waifu Collection Tower Defense mobile game. All characters include the main class that will affect each attribute, skill, status, […]

Let’s Download New MMORPG, Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Yoozoo as a publisher has officially announced the release of their new mobile game titled Phantoms: Tang Dynasty. Players from the SEA region can now download the game from the local AppStore or GooglePlay. Phantom: Tang Dynasty is an MMORPG mobile game with high-quality 3D graphics and epic cinematics. At the beginning of the game, […]

world of dragon nest

One More Day, World of Dragon Nest Will Be Released!

Now, just one more day to release World of Dragon Nest in five regions simultaneously! Pre-registration will remain open until release. You can get items worth USD50 by Pre-Registration! World of Dragon Nest is an open world MMORPG mobile game from Eyedentity Games, published by Nexon. This mobile game will be released in countries in […]

minimax tinyvverse

MINImax to be released globally, let’s pre-register!

The developer Nimble Neuron has officially announced the pre-registration event for their new mobile game which will soon be released, the game is titled MINImax Tinyverse. This mobile game has opened phase pre-registration on Google Play, and Preorder on the AppStore. Once released, this mobile game will also be available on Steam for Windows and […]

cluck night

Let’s Pre Register New Mobile Game, Cluck Night!

The developer of the mobile game Coconut Island Games recently released a pre-registration event for their new mobile game, yep this game is titled Cluck Night, which is currently entering pre-registration on the Google Play Store. Cluck Night is a mobile game with asymmetric 4v1 action gameplay with cartoon style graphics. This mobile game is […]

pokemon go event january 2020

Curious? This is Details Pokemon GO Event January 2020

Time has passed quickly, now it is 2020, which means that the new event on Pokemon Go has started with the January batch! The update notes inform you of the things you hope for in 2020, including: More Team GO Rocket Special ResearchJanuary Research Breakthrough encounter: Lapras with the Ice Shard and Ice Beam skills […]

rog rage of gods

ROG “Rage Of Gods” Has Been Released For SEA Region

The publisher EFUN Company Limited has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game titled ROG “Rage of Gods”. Players from the SEA region can now download this mobile game via the local AppStore or GooglePlay. ROG is an MMORPG mobile game with lots of in-game shinnies. From striking skills when active to flickering […]