ML Leak Today 14 September 2019, New 3D Model & Gameplay Skin!

Today, September 14, 2019, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including new gameplay skins to be released, 3D trailer for Masha vs X.Borg models, new emote, and new Animation skindisplays : 3D Model Selena Skin Starlight The emergence of leaks about this 3D model is a big question mark for fans and players of mobile legends, because Moonton makes it very […]

ML Leak Today 12 September 2019, Many Skins Will Be Released!

Today September 12, Mobile Legends / ML provides leaked some updated content, including new icon head, new UI MLBB 2.0, and also many skins that will be released: New MLBB Hero Head Icon Below is the leaked display head icon for Hero Latest Skin Baxia, Hayabusa, Selena. Skin Elite X.Borg Not long ago hero X.Borg released was leaked and […]

monster rancher mobile game

Monster Rancher Mobile Will Be Released Soon This Year!

Are you one of the veteran gamers who have played older generation console games, including PlayStation and Nintendo DS?, then it is very likely that you have already played Monster Rancher. In Japan this game has another name, yep Monster Farm, the franchise made by Koei Tecmo that offers RPG simulation gameplay has provided powerful […]

bullet break

Let’s Shoot Waifu Together, In A Exciting Bullet Break Game!

BeXide has announced pre-registration for their upcoming mobile game release, yep Bullet Break. Even though this game is in Japanese, you can also pre-register for this game even if you don’t live in Japan! Scheduled for this game to be officially released on September 17, Bullet Break is a collector’s RPG game Slingshot Waifu. The […]

ML Leak Today 11 September 2019, Survey Skin Tamuz & Franco, and New Emote

Today, September 11, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including Franco skin survey, Tamuz skin survey, Revamp Valir release date, New Emote, and the free skin distribution date: Free Deadly Mamba Natalia skin On September 14/15 On September 14 or 15 there will be a distribution of free skin prizes from Moonton to Mobile Legends players, Yep this free skin is Natalia […]