harvest moon online teaser

Tencent & Marvelous Will Release Harvest Moon Online Mobile

Tencent after success with various games for IOS and Android platforms such as PUBG Mobile, Arena Of Valor, Chess Rush and Call of Duty Mobile. Now the Chinese developer will collaborate with a Japanese developer Marvelous, to develop the legendary game Harvest Moon. This game will later have the official title Harvest Moon Online, and […]

combo strategy gluttony stinger

Chess Rush: Combo Strategy 2 New Hero Gluttony & Stinger

Chess Rush recently released Season 1 and also presents 2 new heroes undead race Gluttony & Stinger . This time FajarYusuf.Com will provide tips, strategies, lineups and new combos for the 2 newest Heroes Gluttony (Undead & Warrior) and Stinger (Undead, Assassin). Please use strong Warrior and Assassin heroes to create the following combos: Composition […]

blade and soul 2 download

Blade And Soul 2: Revolution Can Be Downloaded

Netmarble is a well-known mobile game development company from South Korea, and now Netmarble has released a new MMORPG game, called Blade And Soul 2: Revolution. Netmarble is not a new company in the mobile game industry. So, fans of mobile game will have high expectations for them. Blade & Soul 2: Revolution is sure […]

tips pemula chess rush

Chess Rudh: 3 Tips for Beginners To Avoid Losing

The beginners when playing online games are usually often defeated by old players, therefore, for those of you who are still beginners to play Chess Rush so that is not easy to beat let’s see 3 Tips below: Pay Attention To Synergy Combos: When playing Chess Rush, the thing you need to pay attention to […]