Luna’s Fate MMORPG pre register

Luna’s Fate Pre-Registration, And Get PlayStation 4

EYOUGAME is a developer and publisher company that has been proven to produce many famous games on the mobile platform. Now, EYOUGAME will soon release its newest Fantasy MMORPG game. This latest MMORPG game will be released under the name Luna’s Fate. Luna’s Fate game that have 3D graphics that are very pleasing to the […]

3 Hero Mobile Legends Who Get Nerf On Patch 1.3.94

On Patch Note 1.3.94, Moonton has updated balanced hero in a way buff and nerf on a hero that is considered less ‘balance‘. As already known, there needs to be an alignment of the status so that no hero is too overpowered. However, what will be discussed in this article is the 3 heroes who get the nerf balance on patch 1.3.94. […]

Chess Rush Update July 16, Rider Get Nerf, Warrior Get Buff

Tencent “Auto Chess” game, Chess Rush do an update on Monday July 16 yesterday, there is also are balanced combo in accordance with the data collected. FajarYusuf.Com has categorized combos that are rebalanced, as follows: The combo that gets the buff: Warrior Combo Previous: Increases the team warrior armor by 40. Buff (Rebalanced): Increases the team warrior armor […]

PC Version of Mobile Legends Being Prepared By Moonton

Does anyone not know about Mobile Legends?, this Moba mobile game is one of the most popular games in Asia. Evidenced by the number of active players also tournament Mobile Legends held in Asia, both official tournaments directly sponsored by Moonton or tournaments held by the community of the Game. With so many active players, […]

pion terlemah auto chess

This Is A Useful And Weak Pawns At Auto Chess Mobile

As a strategy game, Auto Chess has many choices of pawn characters that players must choose. Some of them have good abilities while others are arguably not good. Because it’s not good, you should not need to buy these pawns to use. Besides having weak abilities, the synergy they create is also difficult to dominate […]

patch 1.3.94 mobile legends

3 Heroes Buff On Patch 1.3.94 Mobile Legends

Every time the Update Patch in Mobile Legends is present, there must be a hero who gets Nerf , Buff and Revamp. This time the hero buff happened to the latest Mobile Legends patch version 1.3.94. In this patch, there are 3 heroes who get the most effective buff. These 3 heroes are Badang , […]

Shenggu Will Develop Game MMORPG Project A, Amazing Graphics

Shanda Games is one of the biggest game companies in the world, which comes from China. The popularity of Shanda Games is very well known in the local market, and focuses on mobile game products. After not being heard from for a long time, Shanda Games has changed its name to Shenggu Games, and is currently collaborating with Eyedentity to develop the latest […] new gunbound

New Gunbound Open Phase Pre-Registration, Let’s Try!

Gunbound recently announced that they will make their latest sequel for Gunbound Mobile game, with the name New Gunbound. Still being developed by Softnyx, this latest Mobile game has now opened phase pre-registration. So that the fans who have been waiting for this game can go directly to the official website and register to pre-register […]