sorcerer assasin chess rush

The Best Class in Chess Rush? Sorcerer or Assassin?

Hero synergy in Chess Rush trying to be the strongest to finish off the enemy forces of the enemy. Not infrequently the hero who has a greater attack power is chosen as damage dealer in each match. Like other auto-battler games, some classes that appear superior to others. Served as damage dealers in Chess Rush, […]

ML Leak Today October 11th, A New Hero And Many New Skins!

Today, October 11th 2019, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including a new Hero named Wanwan, new Odette’s Skin Survey, and various kinds New skin to be released in the near future: Chinese Theme Odette’s New Skin Survey A New Hero Marksman Named Wanwan Skin Starlight Grock Iceland Golem Irithel’s Skin Limited Edition Skin Legend Lesley Angelic Agent Skin […]

Super Dinosaur Kickin Tail

Download Now! Action RPG Game, Super Dinosaur: Kickin Tail

Big Blue Bubble has officially announced the release of their new mobile game, Yep This game is titled Super Dinosaur: Kickin ‘Tail. Players who are interested in this game can now also officially download it from the App Store or Play Store. This game was adapted based on the famous TV series and comics by […]

king of fighters x Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival Will Arrival of the King of Fighter Heroes

Rules of Survival is a mobile game with a very popular battle royale genre, now the game is collaboration with the classic fighting game SNK – King of Fighters Ultimate Match 98′. Starting today, players can play as one of the five legendary King of Fighters heroes on the PC version and the mobile version […]

spiritwish MMORPG

New MMORPG Mobile Game Spiritwish, Let’s Pre Registration!

Nexon has officially announced the pre-registration event for the global version of the Spiritwish mobile game. Today, mobile game players around the world have been able to pre-register Spiritwish on the Official Website and Google Play for the chance to try to play one of the first games to control three characters at once and […]

Star Ocean Anamnesis persona 5

Persona 5 Comes to the Mobile Game Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Mobile RPG Game fans are certainly familiar with Star Ocean: Anamnesis. Yep, the game developed by Square Enix is now rumored to be doing a collaboration event with one of the very popular RPG game series, yep Persona 5 Royal. Square Enix has officially released various trailer videos related to the Star Ocean Anamnesis X […]

digimon rearise

Digimon ReArise Can Be Downloaded, It’s Nostalgic Time!

When it was officially announced in January 2018, Digimon ReArise has received a very positive response. This is certainly not without reason, the latest Digimon mobile game comes with a gameplay mechanism that is quite unique and different from the Digimon mobile game that was released for mobile before. Released earlier in June 2018 last […]