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rog rage of gods

ROG “Rage Of Gods” Has Been Released For SEA Region

The publisher EFUN Company Limited has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game titled ROG “Rage of Gods”. Players from the SEA region can now download this mobile game via the local AppStore or GooglePlay. ROG is an MMORPG mobile game with lots of in-game shinnies. From striking skills when active to flickering […]

kof event tahun baru

The King of Fighters Allstar New Year Event

As celebrations celebrate the new year, Netmarble’s newest mobile Fighting RPG game, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR officially announces the release of Orochi from THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 which is one of the strongest characters in the KOF ALLSTAR universe. Now players can collect one of the famous Fighter in KOF into a line […]

ETERNAL Mobile MMORPG will be Released in February 2020

Asobimo publisher based in Japan has just officially announced the MMORPG mobile game titled Eternal will be released in February 2020. As many as 30,000 gamers who took part in closed beta tests are being recruited, so anyone can participate in the development of this mobile game before it is released. As part of the […]

onmyoji arena 2nd anniversary

Onmyoji Arena Second Anniversary, Many Events In-Game!

Onmyoji Arena will celebrate its second anniversary with many celebratory events! MOBA mobile game that has a Japanese anime style and a real-time 5 vs 5 battle. This celebration event will not only release a new Shikigami, but there is also a grand popularity contest event featuring 66 Shikigami in this game. Every Shikigami has […]

pewdiepie free fire

Most Watch, But PewDiePie Don’t Know Free Fire

One of the most famous gaming YouTubers in the world with the most subscribers, PewDiePie, last week made a video reactions about the YouTube Rewind 2019. The YouTube Rewind 2019 video has indeed received a variety of comments from the YouTube community and YouTuber world, and is rated as disappointing as the YouTube Rewind 2018. […]

Counterside Has Opened Pre-Registration Phase

Nexon has officially announced that pre-register phase has begun for a new RPG mobile game titled Counterside, for the South Korean region. Developed by Studio Bside, Counter Side is an RPG mobile game that is described as having an “urban fantasy” setting with players who use Anime 2D characters to form teams. The story in […]

Pocket City Update 2 New Features, Policies and Regions

The famous mobile game for city development, yap Pocket City, has received new updates aimed at enhancing the late-game experience by adding two new features in the game. First, feature regions, you can now unlock new areas around the main city to build additional cities. Increasing income in one city will also increase income in all other cities in […]

marvel super wars rilis download

C’mon Download, Marvel Super War Already Released Today

NetEase together with Marvel Entertainment today officially announced the release of the mobile game titled Marvel Super War, the first MOBA mobile game based on the Marvel Universe. Players from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India now can download this mobile game via the AppStore or Google Play. Gameplay in MARVEL Super War, players […]

bts world holiday natal

BTS WORLD Special Update Happy Holidays Christmas!

Netmarble today, December 19, 2019 has announced a special update holidays for a simulation mobile game titled BTS WORLD. The mobile game offers an extraordinary role as a BTS Manager for players. This special update presents a new Event Stage Happy Holidays and other season special updates. This update is available starting from December 18 […]

seven deadly sins grand cross

Global Version of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Will Be Released

This mobile game was previously officially released in 2018 for the Japanese regions, and now finally NetMarble as the publisher of mobile games will release the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global version for the IOS and Android platforms. This mobile game will present a 3D RPG look that is very riveting. And for gameplay, […]

Gameplay New Mobile Game Titled Doraemon Kart

If you are curious about Doraemon’s latest mobile game, this is the answer, most Chinese game developers have signed an official licensing contract to collaborate with the popular Anime & Manga, and that also happened recently for a mobile game titled Doraemon Kart. Developed by Nextjoy studio, which is less well known among mobile game […]

granger build item

Build Items, Emblem, Spells, and Skills Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is a very feared Marksman hero. Damage generated by this hero can reach 5000+. How to? Of course with the Build item Granger that works well with it. Therefore, choosing build items, spells and emblems will make you win the game easily. Build Items Granger The skills possessed by this Granger hero will certainly […]

ML Leak Today December 15th, Many Skins Will Be Released

Today December 15th 2019, Mobile Legends / ML provides leaked someupdated content, including skins that will be released, new Effect Recall, and Belerick Revamp: Skin X.Brog Moto Drift Watch this video on YouTube Skin Claude Christmas Carnival Watch this video on YouTube Skin Badang Susano’o Watch this video on YouTube Belerick Revamp Display Animation Watch this video on […]

project bb mmorpg

MMORPG Project BB, Like HarvestMoon Can Make Children

This MMORPG Mobile game was announced last year at the 2018 G-Star event, Project BB is one of the most eagerly awaited games for gamers because of the many features provided and none in other MMORPG mobile games. Project BB is a Korean mobile game that has another name “The Bird That Drinks Tear” because […]

devil may cry pinnacle of combat

This is Devil May Cry: Pinnacle Of Combat Gameplay

Revealed! gameplay of the mobile game Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat!. But it’s unfortunate, because this mobile game has been delayed for its release schedule and will be released in 2020. This mobile game will also enter the test phase, so with the presence of gameplay video, it will make the fans of Devil […]

coc th 13

Clash of Clans Update Town Hall 13 and New Unit Yeti

If you were a mobile gamer at the beginning of the release of Android, then you must be familiar with this one game, yep Clash of Clans. Mobile game development simulation and strategy apparently there are still many players who play it, and recently COC got a new update, which will add content and new […]

iron saga Download

Officially Released! Let’s Download Iron Saga Mobile Game

Game Duchy as the developer has officially announced that their mobile game concept is a mecha robot battle with a star-studded battle arena, Iron Saga is now available for download on Google Play and AppStore. Presenting more than 500 mecha robots and pilots, Iron Saga provides smooth and dynamic gameplay with amazing track simulation and […]

build item emblem spell harith

Build Items, Emblems, Spells, and Skill Harith Mobile Legends

Harith is a very exciting Mage hero when played.With the skills possessed, Harith can move places continuously in battle while dealing high enough damage to the opponent. Not only that, Harith can also slow down enemy speed at once, and absorb enemy Shield heroes so that Harith is most feared when teamfight! There are lots […]