Overpowered Global Items On Dota Underlords

Global Items on Dota Underlords is one feature that makes this game different from other autobattler games. In each monster round, players will get the chance to reach Global Items that have different functions. The presence of the Global Items in Dota Underlords has a significant influence on the game. So that you can maximize the selection of global items, see […]

Tips Argus + Demon Hunter Sword, So Overpowered?

Argus is a Fighter hero, Argus is known as the ultimate skill that makes him immortal or cannot die. This is because the ultimate skill from Argus can regenerate HealthPoint, and can become full again. Do you know, if the ultimate skill of Argus can be used to be overpowered by combining it with the item Demon Hunter Sword (DHS). Even with this combination, Argus can’t […]

5 Units Hero Best Capabilities In Auto Chess, You Must See!

In the game with the genre of strategy, namely Auto Chess, players will consider choosing a unit with the best ability. In addition to synergies, there are other considerations that the selected unit has the ability to very strong and important impact when the pawn clash. Curious any unit that has the best ability in Auto Chess? Consider the following explanation The Source Although the skill of […]