3 Hero Mobile Legends Who Get Nerf On Patch 1.3.94

On Patch Note 1.3.94, Moonton has updated balanced hero in a way buff and nerf on a hero that is considered less ‘balance‘. As already known, there needs to be an alignment of the status so that no hero is too overpowered. However, what will be discussed in this article is the 3 heroes who get the nerf balance on patch 1.3.94. […]

PC Version of Mobile Legends Being Prepared By Moonton

Does anyone not know about Mobile Legends?, this Moba mobile game is one of the most popular games in Asia. Evidenced by the number of active players also tournament Mobile Legends held in Asia, both official tournaments directly sponsored by Moonton or tournaments held by the community of the Game. With so many active players, […]

patch 1.3.94 mobile legends

3 Heroes Buff On Patch 1.3.94 Mobile Legends

Every time the Update Patch in Mobile Legends is present, there must be a hero who gets Nerf , Buff and Revamp. This time the hero buff happened to the latest Mobile Legends patch version 1.3.94. In this patch, there are 3 heroes who get the most effective buff. These 3 heroes are Badang , […]

Wow, This Skin Starlight MLBB Free On Further Update!

Mobile legends will give skin starlight new each month. Yep, skin starlight is usually can not be bought back though using Diamond if it had been passed in sales. There is one other way to get it, is by using Rare Fragments . This is why the so-called free, because rare fragment can be obtained for free by doing the event that there is every month, indirectly, the skin is given free of […]

Item Awe Mask, Make Hanzo overpowered, You Must Use!

Hanzo a Hero with role Assassin , which according to FajarYusuf.Com, is no longer a meta in Mobile Legends match lately. But, recently, Hanzo back into meta match with the strategy of the new item. You do not believe? Intrigued with new gameplay Hanzo? See explanation below! Hanzo Now Have Crowd Control! Hanzo an Assassin hero who has specialized farming is quite high. However, the weakness of Hanzo […]

Valir Survey Revamp, Here It Looks Leaked!

Valir is hero Mage are now starting to be forgotten in the game Mobile Legends. In fact, this hero has a skill that is pretty good, both while playing Solo lane or ganking. In addition, all the skills possessed Valir also very useful in repelling the hero opponent when the team in a state of urgency. Finally, Moonton just going to do a revamp on this Mage hero. Although it […]