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granger build item

Build Items, Emblem, Spells, and Skills Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is a very feared Marksman hero. Damage generated by this hero can reach 5000+. How to? Of course with the Build item Granger that works well with it. Therefore, choosing build items, spells and emblems will make you win the game easily. Build Items Granger The skills possessed by this Granger hero will certainly […]

build item emblem spell harith

Build Items, Emblems, Spells, and Skill Harith Mobile Legends

Harith is a very exciting Mage hero when played.With the skills possessed, Harith can move places continuously in battle while dealing high enough damage to the opponent. Not only that, Harith can also slow down enemy speed at once, and absorb enemy Shield heroes so that Harith is most feared when teamfight! There are lots […]

This is the New Hero Gameplay Cecilion Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always making major updates to Hero, Skin, and other content gradually, after the 2.0 update, Moonton as a developer also plans to change a variety of views, from Turret until Minion views. Then of course, with the update running, Moonton will also present a new Hero, previously they have also released new heroes Ling and Wan-Wan. After that Moonton has also prepared Silvana and Carmilla. Now Mobile Legends […]

carmilla mobile legends

New Mobile Legends Support Hero Named Carmilla

Moonton as the game developer of MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang often provides new content updates to attract the attention of players. This is way Moonton to provide new content so that players will not feel bored with their game, and the addition of new content to be released in the future. Moonton has released […]

mobile legends chess td

Today’s Release Mobile Legends Mode Chess TD is similar to Auto Chess!

Looks like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently trying something new, after Moonton released the Mobile Legends Adventure RPG game. Now, Mobile Legends will present a new mode that is similar to Auto Chess. This mode is named Chess-TD mode which is another arcade mode available in the Mobile Legends game. What’s interesting in this […]

tips baxia mobile legends

GG Tips How to Play Baxia Mobile Legends

Baxia is a newly released hero tank, with very unique abilities and basic attributes. In terms of specialization, Baxia can become an Initiator because of Shield Unity skill. This skill made him quite terrible on the battlefield. Unfortunately, from the basic attribute status, Baxia has a relatively low level of defense as a Tank. Thus, […]

build item spell emblem masha

Mobile Legends: Build Items, Emblems, Spells, And Combo Skills Masha

Masha is a hero fighter who has very unique characteristics in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Because Masha has 3 HealthPoint bars which will make it difficult to kill. Not only that, Masha also has a large HealthPoint regen. Masha has a Regen and Damage specialty with a very large attack and defense. However, this is […]