Valir Mobile Legends Reworked By Moonton, So Burst!

Rework Hero has become one of the activities Moonton often does recently. In game Mobile Legends, Moonton has rework on several old school heroes, including Rafaela, Bruno, and Kaja who became popular after reworking. And now hero to be reworked is one of the mage heroes that is rarely picked, Valir. Valir is a Mage hero who is currently declining popularity on the Original server. This happens […]

Skin Vulcan Lapu-Lapu Will Be Given For Free!

It’s not new thing, when Mobile Legends provides an interesting event to follow. Because, for the event that will be given in the future, Moonton as Mobile legends game developer will provide a free skin. You who attend the event can get the latest Lapu-Lapu skin called Vulcan for free. This Vulcan Skin is one of the newest Special skins from Lapu-Lapu, which has the same theme as Martis skin, namely Searing maw. The […]